Elias On What He Can Do That The Rock Can’t

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Elias is a rather interesting character. He turned heel again at the Royal Rumble, but he hasn’t really been able to show a side of himself recently. After being sort of lost in the shuffle before Elimination Chamber he finds himself without a match on Sunday.

Through his guitar gimmick. Elias has often been compared to The Rock. He doesn’t quite get it because The Great One only played guitar a handful of times. Elias performs his original music in every new city he travels to. This is something that he said The Rock can’t do as he spoke to The Monitor

“I hear comparisons. He was doing cover songs and I’m doing originals all the time in front of tens of thousands. That’s something The Rock cannot do.”

Elias vs The Rock might settle this. However, that would require The Rock to return long enough to set up the match. In the meantime, The Drifter will keep doing his thing which is something he claims Dwayne Johnson couldn’t hold a candle to.

The following video is a fan representation of what a confrontation between Elias and The Rock might look like.


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