X-Pac 1, 2, 360 Recap – Omegas Signs With AEW, Lynch’s “Brilliant” RAW Angle, Special Guest Chuck Taylor, More!

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X-Pac starts today’s show by sending his thoughts and prayers to the family of wrestling legend, Pedro Morales, who passed away this week. He notes that Morales was a tremendous performer who will be missed.

Kenny Omega recently revealed that he signed with AEW. X-Pac guesses WWE flew Omega into Stanford and gave him the grand tour, at least that’s how it used to be done. All the coveted free agents would be brought right to Vince’s house years ago. X-Pac knows who Omega’s represented by, so there was always a chance that he could show up in WWE.

AEW also announced that they have reached an agreement with Triple A in Mexico for talent exchanges. X-Pac is curious to see how this works because some of the talent mightn’t go over well in the United States even if they’re a massive star in Mexico. He notes that just because something looks good on paper that doesn’t mean it’ll work in reality.

X-Pac was happy to hear that AEW’s Double or Nothing show sold out in 4 minutes. For AEW’s stadium setup, they’ll be able to sell about 13,000 tickets. X-Pac thinks Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho will work in the main event of the show.

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