X-Pac starts today’s show by sending his thoughts and prayers to the family of wrestling legend, Pedro Morales, who passed away this week. He notes that Morales was a tremendous performer who will be missed.

Kenny Omega recently revealed that he signed with AEW. X-Pac guesses WWE flew Omega into Stanford and gave him the grand tour, at least that’s how it used to be done. All the coveted free agents would be brought right to Vince’s house years ago. X-Pac knows who Omega’s represented by, so there was always a chance that he could show up in WWE.

AEW also announced that they have reached an agreement with Triple A in Mexico for talent exchanges. X-Pac is curious to see how this works because some of the talent mightn’t go over well in the United States even if they’re a massive star in Mexico. He notes that just because something looks good on paper that doesn’t mean it’ll work in reality.

X-Pac was happy to hear that AEW’s Double or Nothing show sold out in 4 minutes. For AEW’s stadium setup, they’ll be able to sell about 13,000 tickets. X-Pac thinks Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho will work in the main event of the show.


Jericho will also be partnering with AEW for the second Jericho Cruise that will happen in 2020, and Dave Bautista is reportedly talking with both WWE and AEW about his in-ring future. X-Pac notes that WWE is probably a lot more interested in bringing Batista back now that there’s a competitor in the market. Also, it’s smart for Batista to listen to all offers, even if he’d prefer to sign with one company over the other.

X-Pac talks about Jay White recently winning the IWGP Heavyweight Championship from Tanahashi. He thinks it’s safe to say that Gedo is a brilliant booker so he won’t question it, but it’s definitely surprising since Tanahashi just won the Title. Everyone who holds that Title becomes a big star so this is a good sign for White and X-Pac is happy for him because he’s a really nice guy.

X-Pac notes that the age old question is whether a Champion makes the Title, or does the Title make the Champion. He thinks it varies most of the time, but it WWE it’s mostly been the Champion making the Title as of late.

X-Pac thought the Becky Lynch angle on RAW this week was brilliant. Some fans were critical, calling the storyline stupid because it revolved around Lynch having to decide whether to apologize or not. X-Pac didn’t think it was stupid at all, noting that the people who are complaining need to realize that every hero needs to have adversity along the way.

X-Pac notes that he’s a little bit concerned for Mustafa Ali, who has been removed from the Elimination Chamber match this coming Sunday. He notes that when you’re a smaller performer, you need to realize that bigger guys are going to run right through you in the ring, even if they’re hitting you in safe spots.

When he wrestled there were sometimes when he’d work with the same guy multiple nights a week on house shows and he’d get knocked out by the same move every night. He would never ask them to take it easy but it’d be nice for the bigger guys to realize their size and power and lay off a little bit sometimes when they’re working with a guy 100 lbs smaller than them.

X-Pac thought Kofi Kingston did a great job on Tuesday night, noting that he’s always ready to deliver in situations like that.

He also liked NXT this week, noting that it was cool to see Drew Gulak there. The women had a great match, and he notes that Kairi Sane is a massive star right now. Jessamyn Duke is good already and is going to be great. Marina Shafir started a bit later and she’s going to be just fine as well.

X-Pac welcomes AEW’s Chuck Taylor to the show.

Taylor recently signed with AEW and he’s really excited about it. He thinks it can really be a legitimate alternative to WWE. He’s not intimidated at all entering a tag team division with monster tag teams such as The Young Bucks and The Lucha Brothers.

Taylor started wrestling when he was 15, but he was still able to finish high school and got a college degree in television production with a minor in film studies as well. He pursued that because he knew he might be able to use that to create content during his wrestling career.

Taylor helped train Ricochet and he’s known him for years. He says he’s a great human being who worked so hard and deserves everything that comes to him. He admits that it almost made him cry when Ricochet was shown in the crowd during his first appearance in NXT.

X-Pac asks him about his experience at ALL IN. He says he’s known the Young Bucks for 11 years, and they couldn’t sell out a building of 400 people not so long ago. Now they’re selling out an arena with 12,000 people and he thinks that’s just incredible.

Taylor notes that he had a WWE tryout a few years ago alongside guys like Ciampa, Gargano, and Riddle, and they all ended up signed to NXT eventually. X-Pac doesn’t understand why he wasn’t signed as well, but Taylor heard that Triple H walked in and saw all their head shots and said they already had enough handsome white guys, and that’s why he wasn’t chosen.

Taylor admits that it was a hard decision for him to sign with AEW because he loves Japan, but it’s hard being away from home on the NJPW schedule.

X-Pac informs that he will be heading down to the WWE Performance Centre in March to work as a guest trainer for a little bit. He’s really looking forward to that.

That sums up today’s episode of X-Pac 1, 2, 360. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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