Rumor Killer On Ric Flair Worrying About Ruining Charlotte Flair’s WrestleMania Main Event

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Ric Flair is appearing at his son-in-law Conrad Thompson’s Starrcast event. He isn’t the only huge name going to Starrcast either because so is The Undertaker.

However, the announcement of Flair’s appearance at Starrcast was said to be held off until his daughter Charlotte Flair was put in the WrestleMania match. This was something that was said very seriously by Dave Meltzer.

This is not true at all. Conrad Thompson, creator of Starrcast and host of multiple popular IWC podcasts had to speak up.

“Not true. I don’t know WWE creative. We’ve had a “roll out plan” to announce names this week. Cody and Bucks Monday, Jericho and Omega Tuesday, Ric Wednesday, another big name today. Announcing AEW guys when their show went on sale just made common sense to me.”

“Charlotte-Rousey has been talked about for a year in the main event. Anyone reading the Observer, or you know, watching the show knew that. The idea that it all ‘came down to this last Monday’ is funny.”

This is very interesting. Of course, we reported in December that Charlotte Flair was told she would get the WrestleMania event already. So this was likely the plan all along and Ric Flair doing an appearance at Starrcast wouldn’t have changed Vince McMahon’s mind.

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