Anonymous WWE Superstar Reveals How AEW Has Changed Backstage Environment

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AEW is opening their doors to work with anyone they can. Kenny Omega even said that he is willing to work with WWE if they want to. However, WWE doesn’t seem to be buying much of what AEW is selling.

Things could be vastly different if you ask a WWE Superstar, especially if they have anonymity. During Matt Koon’s new podcast Total Engagement, he asked a current WWE Superstar a question about AEW and received a very interesting reply.

This Superstar was kept anonymous, but their answer revealed something very interesting when asked about how AEW is affecting the backstage culture in WWE.

“The boys feel more confident. The office wants us to think that AEW has nothing to do with new contracts coming.”

This is very interesting because we have heard otherwise. WWE doesn’t want the perception to get out there that Vince McMahon is worried, but they very likely are.

If you use the quotes in this article credit Ringside News & thanks to Cassidy Haynes of for passing this one along

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