WWE’s Plan For Kevin Owens’ Return

Kevin Owens needed double knee surgery and it took him out of action. However, his recent promo on RAW would lead fans to believe that WWE could have the Kevin Owens Show back by WrestleMania.

When Owens was taken out of action, it was in a storyline against Bobby Lashley. This was actually a well-executed double-turn in WWE. We will let you speculate on the possibilities there.

Ringside News has learned that WWE plans on bringing Kevin Owens back as a babyface. His promo on RAW was also concocted in a way to purposely show his son Owen on television and yes, he bowled a gutterball on purpose because Kevin is hilarious.

Kevin Owens’ return to WWE really can’t happen soon enough. They need someone like him who can talk on the mic and back it up in the ring. Hopefully, as a babyface he will be able to get the crowd behind him as they organically did in a big way as he was railing on them in his heel persona.