WWE Writes Huge Burn On Neville For 205 Live

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Neville was the King Of The Cruiserweights until he left WWE after becoming unhappy with their booking. Then he sat at home for ten months because WWE wouldn’t let him out of his contract.

Now Neville is known as Pac, but he will also always be the King Of The Cruiserweights. Akira Tozawa had a chance to cut a promo last night for 205 Live and he threw a pretty interesting shot at the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion who is now in AEW.

“You think you are unstoppable, so did The King Of The Cruiserweights, but I beat him and I took his title.”

Seeing how WWE scripts their backstage interviews this was a pretty blatant shot to take. Only time will tell if WWE will script more little digs at AEW talent. We’re still waiting for an organic usage of the term “Stardust.”

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