Becky Lynch Says She Is Watching WWE WrestleMania Main Event Collapse

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Becky Lynch had a RAW Women’s Title match scheduled for WrestleMania after she won the Women’s Royal Rumble. Then she upset Vince McMahon. Now Charlotte Flair is a part of the match instead and Lynch is suspended.

This obviously didn’t make The Man happy and she reacted with a short and vulgar reply on Monday. Ronda Rousey commented on how this change isn’t best for business at all which caused Lynch to agree.

“So Ronnie is afraid that old Char is dragging her out of the WM main event, huh? Rightfully so. We all know who was making this happen, and now I’m sitting at home watching it collapse. Might have to do something about that.” 

As we previously stated, Becky Lynch is very likely to end up in the WrestleMania main event anyway. She is just going to have a couple of speed bumps on the road to WrestleMania.

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