Where Has Lars Sullivan Been?

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Lars Sullivan received hype vignettes before any of the other NXT Superstars who were recently called up to the main roster. There was a reason for this because WWE had big plans for him. Then things just didn’t work out in a number of ways.

Sullivan suffered from what is believed to be an anxiety attack in Orlando before he was supposed to report to Raw. Then he stopped communicating with WWE for a while after going back home to Colorado.

Dave Meltzer was asked about Sullivan’s status recently. It appears that nothing has changed much because it was noted that Lars Sullivan is “still on a leave of absence.”

It appears as though Lars Sullivan’s planned WrestleMania match might not be happening now. Only time will tell when Lars Sullivan will get another shot to show what he can do, but we’ll be waiting for The Freak’s second chance from WWE. After all, it was previously stated that Sullivan is going to get every chance in the world to succeed.

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