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The McMahon Family has invited Becky Lynch back to Raw this week, despite suspending her last week. Perhaps it’s because she showed-up at SmackDown Live regardless and attacked Triple H. Regardless, Lynch is on tonight’s show and likely to continue plying her best Stone Cold impression. It’s seemingly just me, but I’ve been thoroughly unimpressed by Lynch’s persona; her mic work is sub-par at best, and her rivals tend to come off looking much better as she just stands and smirks at them with no retort. Hopefully this can start to change. Becky’s opponent Ronda Rousey however, will be facing Ruby Riott as a hurdle on her way to WrestleMania, so we can expect the Riott Squad to start attacking her tonight.

Also on tonight’s show, Seth Rollins returns to address his heinous beatdown at the hands of Brock Lesnar. The two won’t come to blows until April 7th, so it’s unclear if WWE intends to slowly build the feud, or throw Rollins into something small in the meantime. I reckon we will find out tonight.

Elsewhere tonight, WWE is teasing another retirement speech from Kurt Angle, more from Finn Balor and Bobby Lashley, Dana Brooke Vs. Natalya, and potentially more from Elias, Road Dogg, and Jeff Jarrett. That’s the preview for the show. Remember to follow us on Instagram and download the Ringside News app to join in the conversation. Enjoy the show!

Monday Night Raw

Raw opens with Triple H and Stephanie already in the ring. Stephanie welcomes us to the show, and she reminds us we’re on the Road to WrestleMania. This Sunday will be the Elimination Chamber PPV, where they will crown the first-ever Women’s Tag Team Champions.

The move on to talking about Becky Lynch Vs. Ronda Rousey, then show the start of last week’s Raw, when Lynch attacked Stephanie, as well as he turning up on SmackDown Live and attacking Triple H. Stephanie says, despite what happened, they are still going to give the fans what they want. She then says Becky did in fact see the doctor this past week and let’s hear what they had to say.

Becky Lynch doesn’t give them a chance to reveal the results, as she comes out and makes her way to the ring. Triple H says the doctor confirmed that the doctor cleared her and says there is nothing wrong with her knee whatsoever. Therefore, her suspension is lifted and she will indeed face Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania…if. If Becky can do one little thing: apologise to the both of them. They say she is a role model to fans and little girls all around the world, and she needs to uphold that.

Becky doesn’t want to do it and tells Stephanie to “shut your face”. She says she doesn’t trust her, Triple H, or Stephanie’s “old man”. She says she will fight them all. She tells them to shove their apology up their “arse” and turns to leave but Steph prevents her and they start yelling. Triple H tells her to stop being stupid and stubborn, and she should want to fight at WrestleMania, rather than tonight. He says he wants her to come out later tonight and show that she is The Man, by apologising.

Bayley and Sasha Banks make their way to the ring and interrupt those within. They have a triple threat match ahead of the tag team elimination chamber match.

*Commercial Break*

We return to see Nia Jax and Tamina’s entrance, in which they cut a generic split-screen promo. The losing team in this match first in the Elimination Chamber.

Triple Threat Tag Team Match

Sasha Banks & Bayley Vs. Tamina Snuka & Nia Jax Vs. Sarah Logan & Liv Morgan W/Ruby Riott

Sasha Banks starts against Nia Jax. Banks slaps Jax in the face and forcibly tags in Liv Morgan. Morgan looks stunned. Jax avalanches her. Morgan goes for a tag to Banks and Bayley, but they both jump off the apron to leave her stranded.

Sarah Logan tags in, but Jax soon picks her up. Logan slides off, but Jax head-butts her. Tamina tags in, and she stomps Logan. Tamina clubs her on the back, and they whiff on something. Morgan tags in and covers Tamina for a two count. Tamina quickly takes Morgan down before giving her a scoop slam for a two count.

Tamina applies a chin lock to Morgan, but she lets go and tags Jax. Jax womanhandles Morgan before staring at Logan. Morgan punches away at Jax and dropkicks her twice. Jax is down on her knees. Bayley blind tags in and goes to attack Morgan, but she shoves her into a Jax avalanche. Morgan knocks Banks into the barricade and Logan follows up with a knee to the face as we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back and Sasha is down and out, holding her shoulder, as trainers are checking on her. She looks like she may cry. 

Morgan tags Tamina in, and Tamina head-butts Bayley down. Officials are helping Banks to the back. Tamina head-butts Bayley down again. Bayley sidesteps a superkick and rolls her up for a two count. Bayley catches her with a jackknife cover for another two count. Bayley drops Tamina on the ropes and tags in Morgan.

Morgan tags in Sarah logan, and they hit Tamina with a double dropkick. Logan hits a running knee on Snuka before tagging Liv back in. They hit a wheelbarrow splash on Tamina for a two count. Logan tags in, and she steps on Tamina’s ankle. Tamina connects with an elbow on Logan and clubs away at her. Jax tags in and throws Logan before avalanching her in the corner. Jax drops an elbow on Logan before applying a cobra clutch. Logan fights to her feet and dodges Jax, who runs shoulder-first into the ring post.

Tamina blind tags in and knocks Morgan off of the apron. She hits a Samoan Drop and goes for a Superfly Splash on Sarah, but Logan gets her knees up. Morgan and Bayley tag in. Bayley shoulders away at Morgan before kneeing her. Bayley snaps Morgan and Tamina off the middle ropes. Bayley slides through the corner turnbuckle to dropkick Morgan and then Jax. Bayley clotheslines Riott down at ringside.

In the ring, Bayley knees Morgan in the face before going to the top rope. Bayley hits a diving elbow drop, but Logan breaks up the pin. Bayley hits a snap back suplex on Logan. Morgan then catches Bayley with an inside cradle for a near fall. Bayley hits the Bayley-To-Belly on Morgan but Tamina then comes out of nowhere and superkicks Bayley out of her pin. Tamina drags Morgan over to the corner and has her tag in Jax. Nia comes in and hits Bayley with a Samoan Drop for the pin and the win.

Winners: Tamina Snuka & Nia Jax

After the match Bayley looks longingly at the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships. Seemingly frustrated with Banks, teasing a potential heel turn for Bayley? Her and Banks will be first into the Chamber.

We see Becky Lynch walking backstage and she walks past Elias, who will be out next for a walk.

*Commercial Break*

Elias strums a chord and greets the crowd. We immediately go backstage to see Finn Balor tell Becky Lynch to wait and bide her time. That’s what he’s doing. Soon, he’ll take Bobby Lashley’s Intercontinental Championship. Balor suggests she not let pride get the better of her and apologize.

Elias strums a chord… but we immediately go to a video package of Seth Rollins’ journey to WrestleMania.

We’re back live in the arena with Elias, who strums a chord, but he’s immediately interrupted by the Lucha House Party. Elias groans in fury. They dance around Elias in the ring.

*Commercial Break*

As soon as we come back from the break Elias goes off on the Lucha House Party, seemingly pissed-off at listening to their music during the break. Elias is furious that his album wasn’t nominated at the Grammy’s. He says he was the greatest artist on the planet. Kalisto says they love entertaining the WWE Universe, but tonight they want to Walk With Elias.

Elias sits down and tells everyone to shut their mouths. Elias sings about how he used to sing songs for them, but now he has nothing left to give. When he comes to Grand Rapids, he loses his will to live. The city is filled with losers and the people are all the same. Kids, it’s not your fault; it’s your stupid parents to blame for living in Grand Rapids. The crowd boos him. Elias asks the Lucha House Party what they think. They confer and put their thumbs down. Elias says there is no one like them. Elias asks if they think they can do better than him. Kalisto thinks he can. Elias has him sit on his stool and gives him his guitar. Kalisto plays a chord and Lucha House Party celebrating but the crowd are not into it. Elias says he’ll do a duet with Kalisto. He just has to get his other guitar. Elias then smashes the guitar off his back and runs away while the Lucha’s are left angry.

WWE Intercontinental Champion Bobby Lashley makes his way to the ring alongside Lio Rush.

*Commercial Break*

Drew McInytre makes his way to the ring, following Finn Balor. Lashley and Rush are at ringside for this match.

Finn Balor Vs. Drew McIntyre

Lashley distracts Balor right as the bell ring, and McIntyre capitalizes by attacking Finn and taking the upper hand. McIntyre whips him hard into the corner, and Balor collapses in pain. McIntyre punches away at him and talks a little trash. McIntyre chops him so hard that he collapses. Drew then applies an arm bar.

Balor eventually fights up, but McIntyre knees him. Balor comes back with a dropkick and puts him on the apron. McIntyre pulls him to the apron and charges, but Balor jumps over him. McIntyre runs shoulder-first into the ring post. Balor sets up for a plancha, but Lashely and Rush pull the feet. Balor dropkicks them. Balor hits McIntyre with a Sling Blade before dropkicking him into the corner. Balor goes to the top rope, but Lashley knocks him off and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner Via Disqualification: Finn Balor

Lashley and McIntyre double-team Balor. Kurt Angle’s music hits, and the WWE Hall of Famer runs down. Angle punches McIntyre before getting in the ring and hitting Lashley with a German Suplex. McIntyre gets in the ring and meets the same fate. Rush tries to kick Angle, but Angle applies the Angle Lock. Baron Corbin then attacks Angle from behind to loud boos.

Strowman comes out and shares a staredown with Corbin. He storms the ring and they begin brawling but Braun scoops him up for the running powerslam. Before he can land it, McIntyre pulls Corbin off and out of the ring. Angle, Balor, and Strowman are left standing in the ring.

*Commercial Break*

Braun Strowman, Finn Balor & Kurt Angle Vs. Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin, & Bobby Lashley W/Lio Rush

We come back from the break to see the match in progress. Strowman takes McIntyre down before making the tag to Angle. Angle attacks McIntyre before tagging in Balor. McIntyre quickly knees Balor and tags Corbin in. They stomp Balor down before Lashley tags in. Lashley punches away at Balor before tagging in McIntyre. Balor counters McIntyre with a nice DDT and both are down.

Finn crawls and makes the tag to Angle. Kurt comes in and hits McIntyre with a trio of German Suplexes. McIntyre gets away, but Angle hits him with a missile dropkick. Angle connects with an Angle Slam, but Corbin breaks it up. Lashley runs in and hits a reverse STO on Angle. McIntyre covers for a near fall. Corbin tags in and unloads some elbows on Angle before applying a chin lock.

Angle fights up, so Lashley tags in. Lashley takes him down and applies a chin lock. Angle fights up and boots him down. McIntyre quickly tags in and stomps Angle’s face. McIntyre then throws him out of the ring as we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

We come back from the break to see McIntyre trash talking Angle. Angle slaps him. Balor and Corbin are tagged in. Balor comes in blazing and takes Corbin down. Balor slingshots over him, and Corbin boots him. Balor connects with a step-up enzuigiri. Balor goes for a Sling Blade, but Corbin counters into a chokeslam backbreaker. Corbin punches away at Balor and tags Lashley in.

Lashley comes in and he attacks the ribs. Lashley goes for a powerbomb, but Balor gets out, rolls through, and dropkicks him in the face. Corbin runs in and punches Angle. McIntyre pulls Strowman off the apron, but he’s swatted away. Strowman grabs Corbin, but McIntyre wipes him out with a Claymore Kick.

In the ring, Balor sidesteps Lashley before hitting Corbin and McIntyre with a somersault senton. Balor kicks Lashley down and goes to the top rope. Balor punches Lio Rush off the apron and goes back to the top. Lashley crotches him up there and hits a slam from his shoulder and pins for the surprise win.

Winners: Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre, & Bobby Lashley

Balor’s foot was on the rope during the pinfall. After the match another official runs in and starts trying to explain to the referee that Finn’s foot was on the rope. We go to the break amidst lots of confusion.

*Commercial Break*

Braun Strowman, Finn Balor & Kurt Angle Vs. Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin, & Bobby Lashley W/Lio Rush

During the commercial, Strowman got booted into the crowd. Balor fights up from a chin lock applied by Corbin. Balor fights up, but Corbin tries for an out and in clothesline. Balor counters into a slam.

Lashley tags in and goes to work on the injured ribs of Balor. Finn soon takes him down and double stomps him. Balor hits him with an enzuigiri and crawls to his corner, but no one is there. Strowman then emerges from the crowd and comes over the barricade.

Strowman tags in to a big reception. Strowman shoulder blocks Lashley down before knocking McIntyre off the apron. Strowman clubs Lashley down before giving Corbin and McIntyre the same treatment. Strowman signals and goes outside to hit all three men with running shoulder blocks. Lio Rush gets one as well and the crowd are beginning to pop.

Strowman puts him in the ring and gets on the apron. Corbin grabs the feet, so Angle gives him a German Suplex on the floor. McIntyre runs in, but Strowman clotheslines him out of the ring. Strowman counters a Lashley spear into a Running Powerslam. Strowman tags Balor in, and he hits Lashley with the Coup de Grace for the win.

Winner: Strowman, Balor, & Angle

The three babyfaces celebrate in the ring while Lashley and Rush leave up the ramp.

We see a video of Kevin Owens at a bowling alley with his kids. Owens says he’s trying to spend as much time as he can with his family. It’s painful to watch RAW and SmackDown. Owens doesn’t know where he’ll return to, but he knows when he’ll be back. Owens will be back in a month. Owens then gets up and throws a gutterball.

We go backstage to see Becky Lynch. Charly Caruso asks what she’ll tell her fans that are denied the opportunity to see her face Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania if she doesn’t apologise. Lynch says it’s none of her damn business and walks off. The whole Caruso heel thing is weird.

Nikki Cross makes her way to the ring, followed by her opponent, Ruby Riott.

*Commercial Break*

Ruby Riott Vs. Nikki Cross

We return and the bell rings. Cross and Riott lock-up and Ruby forces her to the ropes. They separate and Cross jumps on Ruby’s back but she gets backed into the corner to force the break. Ruby slams her face-first into the turnbuckles. 

We leave the match entirely for a confrontation backstage between Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch. Rousey asks what is more important: being prideful or making history. Rousey says it’s time for The Man to man-up. Ronda says that if she says anything other than “I’m sorry” she’ll be admitting to the world she’s too much of a coward to face her at WrestleMania.

We’re back with the match, which clearly isn’t very important and Ruby connects with an STO for a two count. Ruby whips her to the corner but then gets kicked away. Cross looks for a crossbody but Riott ducks it and kicks Nikki onto the apron. Ruby goes to the apron and begins trash talking her. Ruby lifts her and looks for an STO but Cross reverses into a reverse DDT. Cross follows-up with a diving crossbody from the apron to Riott on the floor!

Ruby tries to crawl back into the ring but Cross drags her out and into the ring apron, where she unloads forearms to the chest. Cross takes a minute to celebrate, then climbs to the top rope but Rbuy kicks her off.  Ruby connects with the Riott Kick for the win.

Winner: Ruby Riott

We see Paul Heyman backstage, giving a stagehand instructions. Seth Rollins will be out later tonight.

*Commercial Break*

Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring to a nice reception. He comes to the ring and stares at the WrestleMania sign. 

Rollins says he was going to come out here and talk about Brock Lesnar and WrestleMania, but he got a chance to watch that highlight reel from the past year. How about that ride? From running the gauntlet last year and lasting 65 minutes to winning the Intercontinental Championship and defending it on six continents… he was glad to share it with everyone. This was the year he finally felt like Seth Freakin’ Rollins. Rollins rode that wave of momentum all the way to the Royal Rumble and punched his ticket to WrestleMania. Rollins was on top of the world until the bottom dropped out the next night in the form of Brock Lesnar and six F-5’s.

The bad news is he is in a lot of pain from six F-5s. The good news is he took six F-5s and is still here. If he can stand, then he can fight. If he can fight, then he can Stomp. If he can Stomp, then he can beat Brock Lesnar. Rollins has been asked what is it worth to him. Rollins doesn’t care. If WrestleMania is the last match of his career…

Paul Heyman comes out to the stage and introduces himself. Heyman has a WrestleMania-level surprise for them. Heyman introduces Brock Lesnar but then says he is not here tonight and the crowd boos. Rollins says that’s no surprise to anyone – hopefully not going for the exact same storyline as last years’ WrestleMania. Heyman says ignorance is indeed bliss. Heyman is here to educate the crowd and Rollins. Rollins is operating under the misguided notion that all men are created equal. They’re not. Does Rollins really believe in his heart that his DNA matches Brock Lesnar’s DNA? Rollins is a top tier athlete and one of the best he’s ever seen… but Brock Lesnar is a Beast. Brock Lesnar is a predator. Brock Lesnar is a career killer. Brock Lesnar is a merciless sadist with an unrepentant soul. If Rollins goes into WrestleMania with the mindset that he’ll do anything including making WrestleMania the last match of his career, then he’s on a suicide mission. Heyman is giving him fair warning: if he walks into WrestleMania and tries to take the Universal Title from Lesnar, he’ll be the architect of his own demise. That is not a prediction. It’s a spoiler.

Rollins says Heyman is right, but what he doesn’t seem to understand is that he doesn’t care. Brock Lesnar has held this industry that he loves more than anything hostage for too long. Rollins will not stand for it anymore. Rollins doesn’t care if WrestleMania is a suicide mission. He’ll be that martyr. He’ll sacrifice his body, his heart, and sell his soul to the Devil. Rollins will burn in Hell to avoid having Lesnar continue on as Universal Champion. Rollins says that is not a prediction. It’s a spoiler. Heyman looks concerned and goes to the back.

That’s not all for Rollins though, because Dean Ambrose comes out and makes his way to the ring. Ambrose asks for the microphone, and Rollins gives it to him. Ambrose says he has one thing to say to Rollins: “Slay the Beast.” Ambrose nods at Rollins and sits in the timekeeper’s area. Rollins smiles and walks off.

*Commercial Break*

Ambrose is in the ring when we return, ready for a match, and his opponent makes his way to the ring.

EC3 Vs. Dean Ambrose

Ambrose quickly takes EC3 down and stomps him. Ambrose sends him into the ropes, but EC3 gets out of the ring. Ambrose chases him into the ring, and EC3 stomps away at him. Ambrose hits a flying back elbow. EC3 avoids an avalanche and clotheslines Ambrose. EC3 punches away at Ambrose and chops the chest. EC3 connects with a clothesline and hits a missile dropkick. EC3 connects with a suplex for a two count.

EC3 applies a trap hold, but Dean begins to fight up. Ambrose chops him before hitting the ropes, but EC3 scoop slams him down. EC3 drops an elbow and lifts him up. Ambrose slides off and sends him shoulder-first into the ring post.

Ambrose catches him with a clothesline, then another. Ambrose lowers his head and eats a kick, but he quickly comes back with a swinging slam for a two count. Ambrose goes to the top rope, but EC3 crotches him. Ambrose quickly catches him with an inside cradle for the win.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

Ambrose rolls from the ring to regroup after the match and he lays by the barricade.

We see Becky Lynch sitting backstage when Alexa Bliss walks up to her. Bliss tells her not to apologise and show weakness. Bliss says a lot of the girls in the back look up to her. Bliss tells her to not say sorry. Lynch says if she doesn’t apologise, then that frees up her place for the RAW Women’s Title at WrestleMania. Lynch asks if this has anything to do with the fact that Bliss wants her spot at WrestleMania. Bliss says she would never. She just wants to see Lynch be true to herself. Lynch says there isn’t a genuine bone in her body. Bliss says she can apologise and not be The Man. She’ll just be a sellout. Lynch says if she does apologise, the only thing she’ll sellout is WrestleMania. Lynch walks off, leaving Bliss gawking.

The Tag Team Champions, Bobby Roode & Chad Gable make their way to the ring to defend their titles!

*Commercial Break*

WWE Tag Team Championship Match

(C) Gable & Roode Vs. The Revival

Chad Gable starts against Dash Wilder after introductions. They lock up, and Wilder applies a side headlock. Wilder is whipped off, but he shoulder blocks him down. Gable soon comes back with a hip toss. Gable applies an arm bar, but Wilder fights up and hits a slam.

Scott Dawson tags in, but Gable takes him down and applies an arm bar. Dawson fights up, so Gable does some flashy moves and takes him down. Dawson uppercuts Gable and punches Roode. Roode fights him and Wilder off before Gable wipes out The Revival with a diving double clothesline. Gable and Roode then hit stereo back suplexes and the challengers roll from the ring.. Gable scales the top rope and hits them both with a moonsault! The Champs are in control as we head to a break.

*Commercial Break*

We come back from the break to see Wilder clubbing Roode. Dawson tags in, and Roode fights them off. Gable tags in and punches Dawson down before hitting a dropkick. Gable then takes Wilder down. Gable punches Dawson in the corner before taking Wilder down. Gable hits Dawson with an inverted atomic drop before giving Wilder a belly-to-belly suplex. Gable soon catches Dawson with a German Suplex bridge for a two count. Gable counters a sunset flip into a roll-up for a two count. Roode comes in and throws Wilder over the top rope. The Revival snap Gable off the top rope for a near fall.

Scott Dawson slams Gable down before dropping Wilder onto him with a legdrop for a two count. Gable fights off The Revival and nearly tags in Roode, but he’s stopped. Gable then takes Dawson down with a back suplex. Wilder pulls Roode off the apron. Wilder tags in, and they hit Gable with a double-team backbreaker/elbow drop combo for a two count. Dawson blind tags in while Gable hits Wilder with a German suplex, then hits Dawson with one as well. 

*Commercial Break*

We come back from the break to see Roode get tagged in. Roode takes them down and gives Wilder a front suplex onto Dawson. Roode shoulders them in the corner and goes to the second rope. Wilder moves. Roode throws Dawson out of the ring before catching Wilder with a spinebuster for a near fall.

Roode looks for a Glorious DDT, but Wilder rolls him up for a near-fall. Dawson tags in, and they hit a double-team Gory Special/clothesline for another near-fall. Roode rolls Wilder up while Gable hits Dawson with a cross-body but it’s another two count. They try for a neckbreaker/moonsault combo, but Wilder gets out. They then hit a blockbuster/German suplex, but Dawson breaks it up. The crowd are getting into this match big time.

Gable takes Dawson out and rolls Wilder up for a two count. Wilder goes to the top rope, but Gable cuts him off. They hit a powerbomb/diving clothesline combo and go for the pin… but Roode knocks Wilder into Dawson to break it up. All four men are down. A light “This is awesome” chant picks up. They get Roode out of the ring. Gable rolls Dawson up for a near fall. Wilder tags in as Gable looks for a springboard off the corner but he’s caught with the Shatter Machine and that’s it!!

Winners and New Raw Tag Team Champions: The Revival

To quote Corey Graves, “Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes!” Dawson and Wilder have finally reached the summit of the tag team mountain! They leave the ring with their titles as we see replays.

Dash and Dawson walk backstage after the match and Charly Caruso asks them how it feels. They gush about their big win. Dawson says no team around the globe is as good as them, then they hug and walk off.

Becky Lynch makes her way to the ring for her big decision.

*Commercial Break*

In two weeks time we will be having a 70th birthday party for the Nature Boy, Ric Flair!

We’re back with Lynch in the ring and out comes Triple H and Stephanie. All three are in the ring and Stephanie says it’s been a long night, and asks if Becky will let cooler heads prevail, and go on to main event WrestleMania. Triple H says, whether she believes it or not, they want this to work out. Stephanie says she meant what she said earlier, they want to see her Vs. Ronda because that’s a massive match that will make history. So she asks her again, if she will say those two little words, or throw away her moment in history.

Becky listens to the crowd’s mild chants for a minute but Triple H says not to listen to them, their opinions do not matter. He asks her what she wants. Lynch says she thinks the two of them don’t want her anywhere near that match. She says again, she does not trust them, and she got angry when she thought her moment was being taken away. But if all that’s keeping her away from her dream, then…”Stephanie, Triple H, I’m sorry.”

She says now that that nonsense is out of the way, they have a deal, right? She says if anyone stands in her way between now and WrestleMania she will deal with them. Triple H says they wouldn’t have it any other way and congratulates her before shaking her hand. They turn and leave. Becky asks “is that it?” and they say yes, that is it. Lynch is shocked, and says it’s set, The Man Vs. The Baddest Woman On The Planet in MetLife Stadium.

Speaking of whom, the Women’s Champion, Ronda Rousey comes out and gets into the ring. Before they can come face-to-face though, Vince McMahon comes out and whoahs them. He says he needs to get something off his chest. They could definitely be one of the greatest WrestleMania main events of all time. But he thinks they think they are bigger than WWE. And he doesn’t like bad attitudes, and that goes for both Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey. He says Becky is not that man, he is still the man! He tehn tells Lynch that she is officially suspended for 60 days, which means she will miss WrestleMania! He follows-up by saying that they will need a replacement for that match; someone with charisma, ability and someone who knows to stay in their lane. And that someone is…

Charlotte comes to the stage while Becky is irate. She tosses her microphone and Vince introduces Charlotte, saying she will be the new Raw Women’s Champion after WrestleMania.

That’s it for this week’s Raw! Quite the ending right there. Let us know what you thought about that and be sure to come back tomorrow for more wrestling news and results. Until then, safe travels.

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