Hangman Page’s Parents Discover Human Skull On Their Property

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Pro wrestling is full of strange stories, but this one is pretty weird. Adam Hangman Page is one of the more popular members of the AEW roster already, but he might gain some more fans because of this one.

Hangman Page recently shared a story on Twitter saying that his parents just discovered a human skull in their old farm house. This is a pretty strange occrence indeed. He thought about posting a picture of this newly found piece of human remains, but he decided against it.

“My parents inherited an old farm house and found a human skull inside. will keep you updated.”

“Was gonna post a photo but that might be someone’s mom or something ya know?”

“Also it could be cursed. a hex placed on it.”

Hopefully, no hex or curse will be placed on the Page Family. It just goes to show that you really never know what you will find when you start searching.


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