Brandi Rhodes Says AEW Stars Will Start At The Same Pay Level

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All Elite Wrestling’s interest level with fans only seems to be growing and the same is true for professional wrestlers. The Elite are getting calls from all over, but as Tony Khan previously said they can’t sign everyone to a deal.

While speaking to Gerweck, Brandi Rhodes couldn’t get into dollar amounts because she has a non-disclosure agreement signed. However, she did say that if you’re an indie talent coming into AEW you will start at the same spot, regardless of gender.

“Obviously I’m under NDAs so I can’t tell you how much people make. So, if you’re someone coming straight from the indies, maybe you haven’t been on television for a while – if you’re male or female, you’re starting at the same spot. If you’re someone who has been on TV for a while and maybe you’ve been a champion at a company… there’s a lot of players who look the same whether they’re male or female. So, they start at the same spot.”

AEW is looking at talent on a statistical level. Tony Khan is an analytics master and that is something they are obviously paying attention to. It might be hard to believe that everyone in AEW will be making the same starting out, but apparently, that is the case apart from obvious exceptions.

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