WWE Executives Receive Huge Bonuses

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WWE is doing very well on paper. They are making a lot of money and it is the most profitable financial year to date for the company. Their huge upcoming television contracts and on-going Saudi Arabia deal really helps with that.

According to SEC filings, WWE executives received huge bonuses because of how well things are going. They met their performance requirements and that is part of the deal.

WWE executives unloaded a ton of stock last year, and now they are receiving lots of it back as part of this recent bonus. It is also interesting how the company promised to buy back an extroidanary amount of stock in the next year as well.

You can check out the bonuses given to each WWE executive below:

  • Vince McMahon – 81,492 shares
  • Kevin Dunn – 46,591 shares
  • Mark Kowal – 81,96 shares
  • Paul Levesque – 33,296 shares
  • Stephanie McMahon – 32,015 shares
  • Michelle Wilson – 40,521 shares
  • George Barrios – 36,030 shares

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