Complete List Of WWE Main Roster Superstar Injuries & Projected Returns

Ember Moon worked the Royal Rumble event with a bad elbow. She required immediate surgery and will be out for some time. This is just the beginning of her recuperation process so don’t expect to see Moon return for a while.

AJ Styles reportedly had a hernia, but then he denied it. Now his injury status seems to be in doubt altogether. Styles continues to stay active on WWE television and he is set for an Elimination Chamber match on February 17th where he will attempt to regain the WWE Title.

Akam suffered a knee injury and needed surgery. Although Akam is out of action, WWE is still keeping Rezar and Drake Maverick on television. So at least that is a good sign for AOP.

Sasha Banks was reportedly injured, but she is one WWE Superstar that almost never has any information released about what she is dealing with. It is said that she was injured during her Royal Rumble match against Ronda Rousey. The Boss is still scheduled to compete in the Elimination Chamber match on February 17th where she and Bayley will attempt to win the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles. She was not cleared to wrestle last week which is why WWE booked the match with her on the sidelines selling an attack that we never saw.