The Jim Ross Report Recap w/ Cody Rhodes – Bobby Lashley Challenging Lesnar? Hart Foundation in the HOF, Bischoff’s Advice for Cody, More!

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Ross really liked the opening to Smackdown Live this week, with Becky Lynch and Triple H facing off. He thought this was excellent creative and terrific execution by the talent. This was a hot start to the show that drove social media interaction and got fans buzzing in the arena.

He thought Tuesday was another good night for Samoa Joe, and notes that he’d like to see a match between Joe and Lesnar. He wonders whether most fans would rather see that match than Lashley/Lesnar right now.

Ross welcomes Madison Rayne to the show.

Rayne informs that she’s currently balancing being a mom and a professional wrestler. Her wrestling career actually offers more freedom compared to most 9-5 jobs because she’s able to work as much as she wants while focusing on being a mother.

Rayne informs that she went into her first few years at TNA completely blind to the nuances of the wrestling business. She was just an indie wrestler with a dream at that point, and luckily she was thrown right in with The Beautiful Prople, an established group, and that really helped her.

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