The Jim Ross Report Recap w/ Cody Rhodes – Bobby Lashley Challenging Lesnar? Hart Foundation in the HOF, Bischoff’s Advice for Cody, More!

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Ross opens today’s show by sharing some thoughts on last week’s RAW and Smackdown Live. He thought the women had a great showing on RAW again this week. Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey were forces to be reckoned with again, and all the women made the best of the creative given to them.

Ross says he wasn’t a fan of the Kurt Angle storyline on RAW. On a more positive note, he says he’s a big fan of The Revival. In fact, he likes all four of the teams that worked in the 4 corners tag match, but he thinks there’s too much comedy happening within that tag team division right now.

It was reported this past week that Seth Rollins is home nursing a back injury. Ross hopes Rollins takes care of himself, and notes that today’s performers have to slow down, and if they’re not going to slow down at work WWE has to send them home to make sure they rest and recover.

WWE seems to be building some tension between Bobby Lashley and Brock Lesnar lately. Ross says he’d like to see that match but WWE needs to build Lashley up more to get him to Lesnar’s level. Ross notes that Lio Rush is very talented, but as a manager his bumps should be protected so when he does bump it really means something for the babyface.

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