Shannon Moore Accidentally Takes Out Child In Crowd With Moonsault

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You never know what can happen when you go to a pro wrestling event. Front row seats are sometimes a little bit more to purchase and while they might give you a closer look of the action it’s not always worth it.

One young fan recently found out the hard way that sometimes you can get too close to the action. They thought that everything was going to be okay when Shannon Moore went for a moonsault, but the Prince of Punk accidentally took out more than his opponent.

As you can see in the video below, Moore caught the kid right in the head with his foot. It looks like the kid was okay, at least let’s hope he is. This is not the best memory to have from a pro wrestling event.

Be careful when you’re out there. Moore didn’t do this on purpose at all, but it is a reminder to fans and workers alike that the pro wrestling ring is an extremely unpredictable place to be around.

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