Becky Lynch Might Not Be As Popular In Ireland As We Thought

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Becky Lynch is incredibly popular, but it seems like she might not be as over in Ireland as we thought. Irish pubs did pop huge when The Man won the Royal Rumble, but it might not translate to supporting her action figures.

Brad Shepard posted a picture today of a Becky Lynch action figure that is still unsold in Dublin Ireland, hometown of The Man. This figure is not only still on the shelf, but it is also on clearance.

“Found today in a toy shop in Dublin, Ireland, the hometown of WWE Superstar #BeckyLynch. Her action figure currently sits on the same $15 clearance shelf as The Ascension and Miz and Maryse dressed up as John Cena and Nikki Bella”

This could be an instance of Irish fans already having this edition of Becky Lynch’s action figure. It might also have to do with the fact that nobody wants Charlotte Flair. However, it is a pretty difficult thought to imagine that a Becky Lynch action figure doesn’t fly off the shelves in Ireland, but that is apparently the case in this situation.

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