X-Pac 1, 2, 360 Recap w/ Dave Lagana – Charlotte’s Unfortunate Situation, Elias Burns Road Dogg, NWA’s Crockett Cup, More!

X-Pac welcomes NWA’s Dave Lagana to the show.

Lagana talks about the necessity of content creation in 2019 in order to communicate with your audience. He creates a lot of his video content for NWA quick and easily on his own which is cost-effective, and allows for a short turnaround time from filming to release.

The NWA, through a connection with ROH, are preparing to present a new age Crockett Cup Tag Team Tournament. He points out that NWA aren’t trying to rule the Universe, they’re just trying to create good content from one show to the next. This will be their 3rd show and he’s pleased they’ve got to this point.

He points out that the Crockett Cup meant something 30 years ago, and he’s thrilled that they’re bringing it back now for a whole new generation to enjoy. X-Pac points out that a NWA Title match was always a part of the Tag Team Tournament shows, and wonders if that’ll be the case with this show as well. Lagana says that’s something they’re currently considering.