WWE Planning To Form Team With Top Level Superstars

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WWE is said to be beefing up their tag team division after making a promise to The Revival to do so. Now it appears that two big names on SmackDown Live could be getting paired together eventually.

Rey Mysterio and Andrade are currently in a feud. However, Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE’s plan is to eventually team them up.

“They’re probably going somewhere with it. Well, they’re gonna and then they’re gonna end up as a team most likely, at least that was the plan. You know, that they would be together with the idea that Andrade is going to be a big star.”

Sin Cara might be hinting at forming a tag team with Rey Mysterio, but WWE could have other plans. It also wasn’t ruled out that Rey and Andrade could work a program through WrestleMania because we keep hearing about a mask vs hair match. However, don’t be surprised if WWE puts those two in a team eventually.

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