Becky Lynch Continues Firing Shots Triple H & Stephanie McMahon

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SmackDown Live didn’t turn out the way Triple H thought it would. He came out and cut a biting promo at Becky Lynch while encouraging her to get checked out by a doctor. He alluded to the fact that she was faking her injury and she is scared and into self-destruction. This is partly true because her injury is a work.

Lynch fired back at Triple H by slapping him in the face. On the previous night, she also took down Stephanie McMahon in a much more definitive fashion. After slapping The Game, Lynch sent out a message to Stephanie McMahon to rub a little salt in the wound.

“Hey Steph, don’t forget to ask your husband how his day went in work. #idonttrustnoneofyou”

The usage of “I Don’t Trust None Of You” is mighty close to “Don’t Trust Anybody” which was a catchphrase for “Stone Cold” Steve Austin for a while.

You never know who her next target might be, but Vince McMahon just took a punch from AJ Styles on Christmas Day. WWE might be forgetting about this angle now, but it happened. Therefore, Becky Lynch might have no trouble slapping the taste out of The Chairman’s mouth too.

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