Tama Tonga Interested in WWE’s The Revival Joining Bullet Club

The former “Bad Boy” Tama Tonga has seen a new leaf as a “Good Guy” in 2019. Being the Good Guy that he is, it looks like Tama Tonga is open to offering certain WWE Superstars entry into the ever so prestigious Bullet Club who want to leave the company.

On the latest episode of Wrestling Inc’s WINCLY podcast, the Bullet Club founder specifically mentioned that The Revival “have piqued an interest” in light of the tag team’s growing issues with WWE. Current rumors suggest that the former 2-time NXT Tag Team Champions are anxious to leave the company and even asked for their release, which WWE denied.

This is not the first time that the NJPW star expressed interest in bringing The Revival into his exclusive group. In one tweet of his, Tama Tonga teased the Southern tag team joining the Bullet Club by mentioning that the stable was on not in a re-building process, but were hoping for a “revival” of sorts. “Grass is Greener,” The Good Guy would add.

At this point in time, the idea of The Revival wearing black and white colors is nothing more than wishful thinking. However, if The Revival frustrations with their booking persist, they could be getting closer to taking their ball and going home. In the same vein, that frustration only brings The Revival closer to the Bullet Club, or perhaps even AEW; The Young Bucks once teased wanting to sign and wrestle them for AEW.

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