Pentagon Jr. and Fenix are a very popular topic of conversation right now. The Young Bucks offered them surprise AEW deals and they shook on it. However, neither talented luchador will be able to sign an actual contract due to being held hostage by Lucha Underground. This causes them to make far less money than they could be otherwise be bringing in.

Dave Meltzer discussed The Lucha Bros’ MLW Tag Team Title loss to The New Hart Foundation during Wrestling Observer Radio. The match had a great finish, but they encountered some problems getting there. Pentagon Jr and Fenix could have also caused some backstage heat by doing one particular spot that they were asked not to do.

“There was a spot where he started slapping both of them around. After — they were the really stiff forearms. Fenix gave Davey Boy really hard chops and Davey Boy stiffed him back with a forearm that knocked him loopy. Then there was a spot where Davey Boy got the mount on Fenix and Davey Boy was just trying to drag him off.”

“There were definite problems stemming from before the matches. When they were setting things up, Low Ki came in and basically said that, ‘I’m gonna do a double foot stomp, but miss it or something, but I’m gonna do a double foot stomp spot in the match with Tom Lawlor which was the main event and Fenix and Pentagon when putting the match together wanted to do a double foot stomp and The Hart Foundation were kinda like, ‘He asked us not to do it.’ It was sorta like they ‘no comprende the foot stomp,’ I don’t know.”

“There was tension coming in because they were asked not to do something and they decided that they wanted to do it anyway and the other guys thought that it was sorta unprofessional. That’s sorta where it starts and then they had other issues in the match. Then they decided to trade Canadian Destroyers until they both died.”

Pentagon Jr and Fenix dropping the MLW Tag Team Titles has been the plan since September so losing the championships had nothing to do with their performance. This didn’t change the fact that apparently, Pentagon and Fenix rubbed some people the wrong way backstage and in the ring due to some communication issues.

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