Katsuya Kitamura Leaves NJPW

via wrestlingforum.com

Many NJPW fans saw a bright future in Katsuya Kitamura in watching him rise through the ranks of the company. While someone of Kitamura’s stature will always have a bright future in the wrestling business, it won’t be in NJPW as the Young Lion has decided to walk away from the company.

NJPW revealed Kitamura’s departure through their website. Kitamura has not been in a NJPW ring since last March. According to NJPW announcer Chris Charlton via a series of tweets, Kitamura’s absence has been due to him sustaining an injury during a training session. It is unclear at this point in time what exactly he injured, but Kitamura has spent the past 11 months healing and going through rehab.

F4W Online would add that Kitamura was recently offered a new contract with NJPW, but turned it down in favor of leaving the company altogether.

Katsuya Kitamura made his professional wrestling debut in March 2017 after training with the NJPW Dojo. As a former bodybuilder and amateur wrestler, Kitamura stood out as a new prospect. He quickly found success near the end of the year when he won NJPW’s Young Lion Cup.

While injury struck before he could live up to his full potential, we are curious to see where Kitamura’s future as a professional wrestler will take him next.

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