Dean Ambrose Staying With WWE Reportedly Isn’t Worth Considering

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Dean Ambrose is leaving WWE, but he was still featured on RAW this week. A lot of fans thought this was surprising and wondered if it meant that Ambrose might actually be staying with the company.

Wade Keller was the man who initially broke the news about Dean Ambrose leaving WWE. He was asked during his Post Raw Show if this situation is a work and he had a very blunt response.

“I can’t rule it out, but this is not giving out those smoke signals. It’s not giving out those indications at all for me. Based on people in WWE I’ve talked to about this and I’m told by people that I trust that it’s not really something to spend time considering.”

“We’ll see — it’s wrestling, but based on what I know and who I talked to I don’t think that’s what’s happening at all.”

If you thought Dean Ambrose coming out and having some of the best lines of 2019 meant that WWE is going to get him to stay then you’re wrong. The plan is still for Dean Ambrose to leave WWE once his contract is up. Losing to EC3 puts him in a further position from where he wants to be anyway.

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