WWE Raw Results – February 04, 2019

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We’re back from the break and out comes the WWE Hall of Famer, Kurt Angle.

Angle starts off by saying “Intensity, integrity, and intelligence.” They aren’t just words, they are something he has lived his life by. He says he is reminded of his accomplishments, from winning the WWE Championship to tearing the house down with Shawn Michaels, soiling the ring with milk to meeting a son he never knew he had. But lately those words have turned into doubt, defeat, and depression. He says his recent matches with Baron Corbin and Drew McIntyre have made him really doubt that he still has what it takes. Angle says in his day he has defeated them all. However he knows that there is on opponent that he can’t defeat, and that is father time. Suddenly he’s interrupted.

Baron Corbin comes to the stage and says “blah, blah, blah.” He asks Kurt to wrap it up, and asks if Angle wants a pity party. He says Angle did this to himself. He says we should have heard this speech two years ago at the Hall of Fame, but instead he signed a contract and had to try and prove that he still has it. He says Angle is a shadow of his former self, a broken down man. Angle says this shadow of a man will break his angle.

Drew McIntyre comes out and berates Angle for still being here, saying he saw fear in the man’s eyes when he faces him. He says Kurt Angle has no quit in him, but Angle keeps coming back until something drastic happens him. He tells Portland to shut up, and they boo, then tells them to get their camera’s ready because they’re about to see history. The two of them walk down to the ring but Kurt Angle receives some help.

Braun Strowman makes his way down ringside but Drew McIntyre shows no fear in running to meet him on the ramp. They brawl until Strowman gets the better of him and Angle sends Corbin from the ring. Both men turn tail and run, leaving Angle and Strowman in the ring. Do I smell a WrestleMania match?

Up next, Seth Rollins addresses his beat-down last week.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back and we see a replay of Kurt Angle and Braun Strowman teaming-up, and now it’s official, they will face-off tonight. WrestleMania may have been a stretch. 

A video recapping Seth Rollins’ Royal Rumble win, followed by his beating at the hands of Lesnar last week is shown.

Sasha Banks and Bayley begin making their way out for their tag team match but they’re attacked by Nikki Cross and Alicia Fox! The crazy duo beat on Sasha and Bayley on the stage until officials come out to break it up. They toss Bayley into the LED wall, then kicks Banks. The officials finally get them to stop. They make their way ringside for the match but will it even happen?

*Commercial Break*

Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match

Sasha Banks & Bayley Vs. Nikki Cross & Alicia Fox

We return to see the match in progress, and Bayley hits Nikki Cross with a flying elbow. Cross jumps on Bayley’s back but the hugger backs her into the corner. Foxy tags in and immediately jumps on Bayley’s back, just like Cross was. Bayley flips her off but Foxy tosses her to the corner.

Bayley connects with a second rope back elbow for a two count. Bayley with a back suplex, but Cross breaks the pin attempt. Bayley hits Cross with a back suplex as well, then tosses her from the ring, before hitting Fox with a stunner over the ropes. Fox leaves the ring to regroup with Cross but Bayley goes out and brings them back in.

Bayley gets inside but Fox connects with a split kick, before applying a rear chin lock. Bayley tries to fight out but Fox slams her down and tags Cross. They places Bayley in the tree of woe and make quick tags to beat on her. Cross hits a bulldog to Bayley for a two count, then gets frustrated and kicks Bayley from the ring.

Cross gets on the apron and dives off with a crossbody to Bayley on the floor. She smacks herself in the forehead before running at Bayley, however Sasha pulls Bayley out of the way and Cross runs into the ringpost. They all get back into the ring and Foxy tags in. Bayley rolls her up for the surprise win!

Winners: Sasha Banks & Bayley

After the match, Bayley and Sasha celebrate their win like lovers. They are now the final team qualified for the women’s Elimination Chamber match.

Up next, Jeff Jarrett Vs. Elias. Yep.

*Commercial Break*

Apollo Crews is backstage with Charly Caruso, who asks him if he’s surprised that Kurt Angle is competing tonight. Crews says he is glad and Caruso asks him why he’s glad, insinuating that Angle is a relic. Crews says Angle won a gold medal with a broken frickin’ neck, he’s allowed to have a few bad matches. Razar shows up with Drake Maverick. They taunt Crews about how his Olympic hero has no chance to win. Crews comes face-to-face with Rezar, which will probably lead to a match.

Road Dogg comes out next and introduces himself, the only way he knows how. He says his belly has gotten a little bigger and his goatee is grey, but he’s not the attraction here, then introduce JJ!

Jarrett comes to the ring and introduces himself, and says he is the world’s greatest singer and guitar player. Him and Road Dogg banter back and forth, then begin to sing a song together.

Elias comes out and tells them the song they’ve been singing for 25 years is just like them. It hasn’t aged well. He asks Jarrett if he can even play the guitar, then says Road Dogg should be on SmackDown bringing down their ratings instead. He says he would rather watch the half time show of the Super Bowl but he preferred to be in Portland. That got a laugh. A city which doesn’t even have an NFL team. That got a boo. Elias says it’s easy. He comes out, they shut up and he sings. But he will not sing in Portland. He says Jeff and Road Dogg can keep up this pathetic act but it won’t change the truth and that truth is that WWE stands for Walk With Elias.

Jeff Jarrett says in the immortal words of one of his greatest rivalries, “hey chico, don’t sing it, bring it.” Jeff Jarrett gets out of the ring and goes after Elias. A right hand by Jarrett and Elias gets in the ring. The referee rings for the bell.

Jeff Jarrett W/Road Dogg Vs. Elias

They run at each other and start to throw hands. Elias gets knocked down and rolls from the ring. Jarrett and Road Dogg corner him but Elias runs back inside. Jarrett follows by Elias rolls back out as we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

Back from commercial and Elias connects with a kick to floor Jarrett. After a chop, Jarrett responds with a kick, followed by a hip toss to the drifter. Jarrett sends Elias to the ropes but receives a jumping knee to the face.

Elias mocks Jeff Jarrett’s iconic walk and the fans boo. Elias whips Jarrett to the ropes and hits an elbow to the face. He goes for the cover but Jarrett kicks out. Elias applies a headlock but Jarrett fights out of it. Elias grabs him for a suplex and goes for the cover but Jarrett kicks out. A right hand by Jarrett but Elias with a kick to the stomach takes Jarrett down. A rather slow-paced match so far. A jumping elbow drop by Elias as he goes for the cover but Jarrett again with the kick out.

Elias sends Jarrett to the ropes and catches him with a sleeper. Jarrett sits down and breaks up the sleeper. Elias with a right hand on Road Dogg taking him down on the outside. Jarrett with a right hand on Elias, he sends Elias to the ropes and a clothesline takes Elias out. Jarrett with an enziguiri and with Road Dogg on the ring apron, he gets taken down by Elias again. Elias runs towards Jarrett but Jarrett ducks, Elias land connects with Drift Away for the win.

Winner: Elias

Road Dogg gets in the ring after the match and starts to beat on Elias. Jarrett grabs hits guitar and smashes Elias with it and the fans cheer. That match went on way too long.

Natalya is backstage as Dana Brooke walks in. She apologises for last week and how they lost. Dana says she realises how important the women’s tag team titles are to her. Natalya gives Dana the silent treatment. Dana says she will go find a McMahon and make a match for next week to prove to her that she belongs here. Dana walks away as Natalya takes the ear pods off, hearing nothing.

*Commercial Break*

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