Dolph Zigler’s BFF Could Be WWE-Bound


Dolph Ziggler had an interesting Royal Rumble weekend to say the least – he claimed he wasn’t booked for the Rumble match until he entered at #28 – but a good friend of his may have just had an interesting weekend of his own. That friend is Brad Attitude.

Brad Attitude is an independent wrestler most recognized for his regular appearances for CWF Mid-Atlantic Wrestling. This past Saturday, at CWF STRONGER!, Attitude wrestled in a Six-Man Elimination Match challenging for Trevor Lee’s Heavyweight Championship. While he lost, Attitude suggests on his Twitter that he may have hit the jackpot with what appears to be a WWE Contract on his table.

Considering that Trevor Lee revealed last January that he signed a contract with WWE (he’ll be starting at the Performance Center later this month), it wouldn’t be hard to imagine that a WWE talent scout or two was in attendance at the event. Perhaps someone liked what they saw from Attitude in the ring and offered him a contract.

Or maybe his good buddy Dolph Ziggler put in a good word for good ole Brad Attitude.

The friendship between Brad Attitude and Dolph Ziggler goes all the way back to their developmental days together after Attitude originally signed his first WWE contract in 2007. Him and Ziggler were a tag team together in FCW with Taryn Terrell as their manager. Brad Attitude would be released from the company a year later.

Although Attitude has not been inside of a WWE ring in over a decade, his friendship with Ziggler has continued to grow in that time. In addition to appearing on each other’s social medias, Ziggler made a cameo beside Attitude at CWF’s 2017 edition of their Absolute Justice event, which can be found below.

With new rumors emerging of Dolph Ziggler contemplating leaving WWE again, perhaps a new signing for his best friend could give the former World Heavyweight Champion some incentive to stay.

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