Matt Riddle Credits Fast Food To His Great Physique

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Matt Riddle is in great shape. He also doesn’t wear wrestling boots to the ring, but this article is about how incredibly ripped he is. Apparently, Riddle doesn’t really need to put all that much effort in dieting either.

The King Of Bros recently revealed his secret to keeping in shape. Spoiler: he eats a lot of food that is normally considered to be not the best picture of perfect health.

“My dieting has really paid off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just wanna thank Pizza Hut, Chili’s, Taco Bell, WaWa, hot wings, and of course all you can eat Korean BBQ for all the calories that makes the Bro Go”

Riddle obviously has his own way to go about things and it is working out for him so far. So he might need all those extra calories for all of his Bro activities.

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