Lio Rush Blocks Fan For Showing Him Up In Rap Battle

Lio Rush is the Man Of The Hour and when he boots up his Instagram live stream he’s a man of the people. Bobby Lashley’s mouthpiece is known to bring people on his live stream so he can banter with them. However, one fan recently got blocked for overshadowing Rush.

It might seem like a heel move, but that’s exactly what Lio Rush is. He loves drawing heat and won’t limit it to just his antics in the ring as he crows about Bobby Lashley’s best pose. After getting an earful from a fan who was spitting rhymes at him, Lio took a second to come up with a response of his own.

“This is Lio Rush and I got this live stream on lock

I didn’t like your rap so now you’re blocked!”

Then Rush blocked the fan and laughed about it a lot. It just goes to show that Lio is still entertaining people no matter where he is and he’s always more than welcome to draw some heat in the process.