Corey Graves started his career as a professional wrestler with dreams of locking up on big stages. Now he sits on commentary as his voice provides the soundtrack to the events we see every week. It might not be the same, but it is actually better in some ways.

Graves recently spoke to Not Sam Wrestling where he discussed the importance of being a wrestling fan first. He admitted that when the Hardys made their big return he was blown was because he didn’t see it coming either.

Being a fan is something that is very important to him as he continues his career. He also addressed the idea that no matter what company a fan supports, the important part is that they all share the common bond of loving professional wrestling first and foremost.

“I’m a wrestling fan. I have been for thirty however many years I’ve been on the Earth. I don’t wanna real that, I’m way too old. Yeah, I get to react to things and generally thinking my reaction is real. Like I’ll give you an example the Hardys came back in Orlando a couple of years ago. I had no Earthly idea. I swear on my children I had no clue it was happening and I heard the first few beats of their song and whatever I said and it wasn’t particularly cool, but it was real. ‘Oh my god, the Hardys are back. This is nuts!’ and to be a wrestling fan to be there for that I feel like in a way that’s my job to connect and I kind of get to be the in-between the fans and what we have to do obviously because we have business we gotta do.”

“Ultimately I’m still a fan and I think that’s one of us I mean you talk to Roman or Seth or Dean any of the guys that are on top. They are on top because they haven’t forgotten what it’s like to be a fan. As much as the business has changed and it’s crazy and we get frustrated and tired and it’s different than it was when we were kids, we’re fans. We all love the same thing.”

“Whether you want to pick it apart we all love pro wrestling whether you like this guy or this company or this group or whatever it’s pro wrestling. It’s the same business, man. You like movies, you like TV shows… we’re fans. I like to keep that with me, I try to and the fact that I have a general disdain for mankind which blends nicely.”

Graves’ ability to turn a phrase has proven successful so far. He is also a great heel which helps too.

As time goes on, maybe WWE will limit Graves to either Raw or SmackDown, but he isn’t likely to go away entirely. He worked very hard to become a commentator after an injury took away his dreams of being a WWE Superstar. Now he enjoys a career in the business he loves without all of the bumps involved.

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