X-Pac 1, 2, 360 Recap – Royal Rumble and Takeover Analysis, Ambrose Leaving WWE, Itami Requests Release, More!

He thought Daniel Bryan and A.J. Styles had a great match but the crowd was simply not into it. Even facing that adversity, these two professionals had a great match and got fans into it by the end.

X-Pac thought Brock Lesnar performed his role so well during the Universal Title match. He says Lesnar’s such a great performer who always makes his matches believable. Fans who criticize Lesnar’s in-ring performances sound stupid in X-Pac’s opinion.

X-Pac comments on the new WWE 24 episode, which showed Lesnar throwing the Universal Title at Vince McMahon after the main event of WrestleMania last year. X-Pac says he was in the Gorilla Position during that main event last year and he left because things were becoming uncomfortable there. He had no issues with WWE releasing that clip because it’s entertaining and furthers the thought that Lesnar is an uncontrollable monster.

X-Pac says he wasn’t thrilled with Johnny Gargano’s surprise entrance into the Men’s Rumble match. The people he worked with in the ring didn’t execute his moves with him well, and it was obvious that these spots weren’t rehearsed in depth before the event. He’s a huge fan of Gargano and he “…didn’t need to see that”.