X-Pac 1, 2, 360 Recap – Royal Rumble and Takeover Analysis, Ambrose Leaving WWE, Itami Requests Release, More!

He’s sure WWE discussed the idea of having Lynch pass out instead of tapping out, but he thinks they decided against that idea because it would have been too similar to Steve Austin passing out in the Sharpshooter years ago. He doesn’t think tapping out hurt Lynch at all.

X-Pac enjoyed the Tag Team Title match between The Bar & Miz/Shane McMahon, noting that he was very impressed by McMahon’s Shooting Star Press. He thought Ronda Rousey and Sasha Banks had a good match as well. He points out that Rousey might not get the credit she deserves from some people, but she does from him. She’s matured into a great in-ring worker and although she doesn’t bat 100% on her promos, the majority of it is still great.

X-Pac says the Women’s Rumble match didn’t get off to a good start but it ended strong. He doesn’t think Lacey Evans should have been entrant #1 because a lot of people didn’t know her, and she’s unproven at that level. She proceeded to fall on her ass twice with spots that weren’t required at that time, and X-Pac felt bad for her because he can see the talent she has and she just shouldn’t have been placed in that spot.

X-Pac says he’s a big fan of Kairi Sane, adding that she has one of the best top rope elbows ever. He liked Becky Lynch’s run-in at the end, and Hornswoggle’s guest appearance as well.