WWE SmackDown Live Results – January 29th, 2019

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Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville were backstage and declared that they are in the Elimination Chamber tag team title match. So they just get to say they’re in the match while teams had to compete for a spot on RAW. Cool. Then they played some old Tough Enough footage that they dug up of Naomi coaching Mandy Rose so many years ago.

Mandy said she developed a complex after that Tough Enough segment and her boyfriend dumped her because of it. So she’s going to break up Naomi’s marriage. Then she said when they become tag champs that Naomi will be the last thing on her mind.

The Bar vs The Usos vs New Day vs Heavy Machinery

This is an elimination tag team match where the winner will be #1 contender for The Best Friends In The Universe’s title.

These four teams tagged in and out while The Miz and Shane McMahon watched on a monitor backstage. Corey Graves said it’s weird that Mr. Miz wasn’t with them and then he said Miz’s dad is on a plane already to go home and he’s changing his phone number.

The Usos and The Bar got a chance to work together to re-spark their rivalry. Heavy Machinery also got a chance to mix it up as Otis and Big E had a great moment as well when E tried to do an abdominal stretch on Otis only to realize it was impossible.

It all came down to The Bar and The Usos. Then Jimmy hit a splash and got the win. So it will be The Miz and Shane McMahon vs The Usos at WWE Elimination Chamber

Winners: The Usos

Daniel Bryan Speaks

Bryan came to the ring and he was along without Rowan.

“You know who won this Sunday at the Royal Rumble?” Bryan asked. Everyone chanted “Becky!”

He said, “not” then he said everyone won because he is still the Planet’s Champion.

He said that the Phoenix crowd doesn’t understand what he’s saying because they don’t know what winning feels like. Then he introduced Rowan as someone who believes in him.

Rowan came to the ring with a bag over his shoulder to his old music when he was a singles star years ago. They also put a recycle symbol in his name as the “O.”

Bryan said he is a hypocrite because he carried around that title. Then he asked for a garbage can and he pulled a Madusa and threw the title away while people chanted: “Recycle!”

He said that his title is made out of leather and he calls the cow that died for the title, “Daisy.” Huge chants of “Daisy” and “Thank you Daisy” broke out in the crowd as Bryan railed on about the symbol.

Then he threw the title in the trash and pulled out a new title more to his liking. It is wooden and made out of hemp. When Bryan said the word, “Hemp” the crowd popped.

Then AJ Styles came out and asked Daniel if he smoked the prototype. The crowd chanted, “Yes!”

Not too long after Randy Orton came out. Pretty soon the entire ring was full and then out came Mustafa Ali. Randy Orton said he got beat up by a girl at the rumble. Samoa Joe came out next. That didn’t go well for Ali.

Joe wanted to put a champion to sleep. He ran through a bunch of people including Jeff Hardy who showed up. Joe told him to treat this like an AA meeting and shut his mouth when he’s sharing with the group. Joe was on a roll.

Finally, Joe asked AJ how Wendy is and then a brawl started after AJ punched him.

Daniel Bryan got out of the ring and said that nobody is getting a shot at his new title. Then Triple H appeared on the screen and said he’s defending the title against all five of them.

So it will be Daniel Bryan vs Mustafa Ali vs Samoa Joe vs Jeff Hardy vs Randy Orton in the Elimination Chamber for the WWE Title.

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