WWE Introducing Custom Title Belt Design For The New Daniel Bryan

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Daniel Bryan is one of the most outspoken Superstars WWE has to offer. He also loves the Earth and gets booed out of the building for it because he always goes about things the wrong way.

Bryan mocked the title he is forced to carry because it is made of leather (he calls the cow that died for his title Daisy). We should all be ashamed of ourselves. WrestleVotes reports that WWE actually has a title on the way that might be more to Daniel Bryan’s liking.

“I’ve seen two versions of the new Daniel Bryan WWE Title. One stands out more than the other. It’s a wood designed front plate on a burlap strap, with green and blue earth stones as opposed to diamonds. Not sure if they are going to pick that one, but it sure is different.”

We will have to wait and see what WWE is going to whip up for The New Daniel Bryan. He has Rowan with him now and that could be a pretty good team. Therefore, Bryan might be holding onto his title for a while. This is especially presumable if WWE goes through the trouble of creating a custom title for The Planet’s Champion.

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