WWE Royal Rumble Results – January 27, 2019

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WWE Championship Match

(C) Daniel Bryan Vs. AJ Styles

The bell rings and the two veterans have a solid lock-up, with Styles forcing Bryan to the corner. Styles starts unloading shots, so D-Bray slides out under the ropes. He waits to get back in. They lock-up again but this time Bryan uses his superior mat skills to take Styles down and tweak the wrist. AJ fires back with a shoulder block and headlock takedown. Slow start.

Bryan dodges Styles and sends him shoulder-first into the ring post. Styles rolls from the ring and Bryan runs him into the post, shoulder-first. He gets Styles back in the ring and starts targeting the arm with kicks and holds. Bryan hits him with a double-underhook suplex into an armbar. However Styles holds his hands together and reaches the rope with his foot.

Bryan floors Styles with a right hand, then unloads some mounted punches that bust Styles nose open. Styles fires back with some strikes, followed by a flying forearm in the corner, and aneckbreaker for a two count. Styles punches Bryan on the mat and grabs him, looking for the Styles Clash but Bryan counters into a pin attempt. They exchange several quick pin attempts until Styles hits Bryan with a dragonscrew, then another. He’s beginning to target the leg ahead of the calf crusher.

Bryan catches AJ with a drop toe hold into the turnbuckles. Bryan kicks Styles in the corner, before hitting a running dropkick. Bryan gets Styles in a full nelson, then dumps AJ on his neck with a dragon suplex for a two count. Bryan takes Styles up top and looks for a hurricanrana but Styles holds on and looks for the Styles Clash but Bryan kicks him in the head and AJ falls to the outside. Bryan attempted to shoulder AJ off to the floor but AJ dodged it and Bryan crashed and burned. AJ hit a running knee to the face, then springboards off the barricade with a reverse DDT to Bryan!

Styles gets the Champion back in the ring and looks for the springboard 450 but Bryan got his knees up. Bryan applies the Labell Lock to Styles, who escapes and applies the Calf Crusher. The crowd are completely dead here. Bryan reaches the bottom rope to force the break. Bryan starts to hit the former Yes Kicks to Styles, and he’s just hitting the injured arm. Bryan lifts AJ by both arms and stomps his head. After a few kicks though Bryan’s knee gave out.

Bryan and Styles get on the top rope and fight. Styles looks for a superplex but Bryan slides down and shoves him, thus crotching him. Bryan climbs back up and grabs Styles for a back superplex but AJ landed on his feet! AJ grabs Bryan and applies the Calf Crusher again, as Bryan reaches the ropes though AJ turns it into a pin attempt but Bryan kicks out. AJ and Bryan exchange backslide attempts until Bryan lands on his feet and AJ hits him with a quick brainbuster for a near-fall. Styles gets onto the apron and jumps for the springboard but Bryan kicks out his leg and he crumbles onto the apron. Styles gets to his feet and tries to do the Phenomenal Forearm but Bryan dodges it and kicks him, then Styles hits the Pele kick and both men are down.

Randomly, Erick Rowan makes his way down the ring, wearing civilian clothes, and walks around. Styles and Bryan get to their feet and exchange hands as Rowan watches from ringside. Styles targets the leg of Bryan, but the Champion looks for an enziguiri and hits the referee. Styles hits Bryan with a Styles Clash but then Rowan runs in, grabs Styles, and hits a chokeslam. Bryan pins Styles and that’s it.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Rowan comes into the ring after the match and lifts Styles, so Bryan can hit the running knee. Bryan holds his title up and Rowan holds his arm up. I guess we have a new alliance – or a reunion of former Wyatts.

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