WWE Royal Rumble Results – January 27, 2019

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A trailer for Fighting With My Family, the movie based on Paige’s life and career, is shown.

The next match features the best in the world, Shane McMahon, and his protege, The Miz!

SmackDown Live Tag Team Championship Match

(C) The Bar Vs. Shane McMahon & The Miz

We kick things off with Shane and Sheamus, and McMahon levels Sheamus with a spear right out the gate! Sheamus rolls from the ring to regroup with Cesaro.

Sheamus tags out, as does Shane. Miz attempts some pins on Cesaro to no avail, then looks for Skull Crushing Finale, but the Swiss Superman slides away. Cesaro kicks Miz as he feigned the lock-up. Miz dodged a stray punch from Sheamus, and hits a back elbow, only for Sheamus to pull him back by the shirt and Cesaro deliver a European uppercut in the corner. Sheamus tags back in and knocks McMahon from the apron.

Sheamus scoops Miz off his feet and plants him against the ropes, where Cesaro chokes him. Sheamus and Cesaro attempt to put Miz through an announce table, like they did on SmackDown, however Shane prevents it. They then put Cesaro on the announce table and Shane wants to drop the big elbow but Sheamus prevents it. That doesn’t stop Shane from leaping off and onto Sheamus anyway. Cesaro follows-up with a huge European uppercut to Shane, then tosses him into the barricade.

Back inside the ring, Cesaro and Miz are the legal men and the former is in control. Sheamus tags in and drops a knee from the middle rope for a two count. Sheamus drapes Miz over the ropes and hits the Ten Beats of the Bodhran, before Cesaro tags in and they hit a double team suplex. Shane is back on the apron, while Cesaro holds Miz down with a rear chin lock.

Miz finally catches Cesaro with a back body drop and tags Shane, while Sheamus comes in. Shane unloads punches in bunches to Sheamus in corner, before hitting a flying back elbow, and a float-over DDT for a near-fall. Shane puts Sheamus in the corner and stomps on him. Cesaro tags himself in and Shane hits him with some punches, and he falls against Sheamus. Shane climbs up top and looks for Coast-to-Coast on both men, but Cesaro caught him in mid-air and hit The Swing for about a minute!

Shane desperately grabs Cesaro with a triangle choke and Cesaro fades, but Sheamus breaks it with a knee drop from the middle rope. Miz returns and boots Sheamus from the ring. On the outside, Sheamus takes out Miz with a clothesline, then tags into the match. Sheamus and Cesaro hit a double-team White Noise but Shane kicks out. Sheamus looks for a Brogue Kick but inadvertently hits Cesaro, then Miz hits him with a Skull Crushing Finale and they roll from the ring. Shane goes up top and hits Cesaro with a shooting star press for the win!

Winners and New Tag Team Champions: The Miz & Shane McMahon

Miz and Shane celebrate their big win, and we see Miz’s father celebrating at ringside. Miz, his dad, and Shane hug and pose at ringside.

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