Why Vince McMahon Wouldn’t Let Women Blade During Matches

WWE’s Women’s Division has seen a lot of transformations in the past couple of years, but the women in WWE fought for their position for a long time. In 2003, Victoria faced Lita in a steel cage match to create another landmark moment for WWE.

Victoria spoke to Ring The Belle about a decision that Vince McMahon was totally against during that historic match. Because Victoria wanted to blade her forehead so she could bleed. However, McMahon had a his own take on that idea.

“One day I came to TV, and they were like you have a cage match, And I went ‘Are you kidding me?’ We gig our forehead to bleed sometime, and I wanted to gig [during the match]. I would never do it now, but at the time I thought we were so hardcore and we can do whatever the guys do. I went to Vince to ask him and he goes, ‘Thank you Victoria for wanting to do it, but no one wants to see a Diva bleed.’ I did ask Lita to throw me as hard as you can against the cage so I can get color naturally. I didn’t know how to do it, and I got a big knot.”

Their match still had drama and plenty of storytelling, but bleeding wasn’t allowed. Nobody is permitted to blade anymore in WWE because of the strict TV-PG rules. A match can actually be called off due to wearing a crimson mask now. However, if Victoria had her way things would have been very different during WWE’s first women’s cage match.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote