Ronda Rousey Forgot To Bring Her Women’s Title To WWE RAW This Week

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Ronda Rousey is still a full-time WWE Superstar until further notice. She is also the RAW Women’s Champion. That being said, she forgot a very important piece of hardware this week.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Ronda Rousey forgot to bring her RAW Women’s Title to the show this week. Therefore, they had to use a replica title that they keep around for live events.

It was noted that this might be a “rookie oversight” because she usually works tag team matches on the road. It didn’t change the fact that she forgot to bring the genuine article with her.

Rousey vs Nia Jax was scheduled for all of the house shows so she needed her title. The one WWE uses for house shows has a lot more wear and tear as well. So if you noticed that the championship Rousey was carrying this week looked a little less shiny, then that is the reason why.

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