Ken Shamrock Says His Return Would Be Great For WWE

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Ken Shamrock’s run in WWE might not have amounted to the moniker of World’s Most Dangerous Man. They got it right years later with Brock Lesnar, but WWE might not have been ready for an MMA character yet.

He spoke with Wrestling Inc recently where they asked him about a potential return to the company and if he had unfinished business. His response was, “Absolutely, no question” which leads us to believe he would be more than ready to step back into the squared circle with WWE.

“Absolutely, no question. The idea is to able to put myself in a position, just like I’ve done all these years, to keep myself in great shape. There was always the idea to have the opportunity to finish some unfinished business. If that happens, that will be great.”

“That would be awesome. I think for myself, the fans and also the company. I think people would buy into me coming back and actually making a run at that title. But if it doesn’t happen, it’s not one of those things that will keep me up at night. But it’s something I’d like to accomplish. If it doesn’t happen, I’ll be perfectly happy winning all the independent titles.”

Shamrock is still in great shape and has been working indie dates that can match his price. You never know if WWE could bring Shamrock back for a short run and at 54-years-old, he might not be the only guy in his fifties working on the card that night.

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