Injured WWE Superstar Shows Off Performance Center Battle Wound

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WWE has a few Superstars who are currently out of action and waiting for a return. This is one of the reasons why WWE aired those “Don’t try this at home” PSAs forever. We haven’t seen Sin Cara for a while, but he’s been training for his return.

Cara is said the be getting linked-up with Rey Mysterio in some way upon his return. Whether this means he will be feuding with Mysteiro or not is known, but the two could be a formidable tag team.

Sin Cara recently posted a picture from the WWE Performance Center showing off some rope burn that he acquired while training for his comeback. Rope burns are all a part of the game and considered a badge of honor as they are a typical battle wound when getting the ring rust off.

It looks like he’s ready to go so we will see his return whenever WWE gets around to writing him back on television. Returns from injury should never be rushed and it’s better to come back with a storyline than to come back quickly without a real plan for your character.

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