All Elite Wrestling Makes Another Very Interesting Move

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When Chris Jericho announced that he is ALL IN with All Elite Wrestling during their big Jacksonville rally, it surprised a lot of people. Others were intrigued by the verbiage Y2J used at the end of his speech when he said that they are going to “Change The Universe.”

It seems that slogan is going to catch on because AEW put a copyright on “Change The Universe.” This is a very interesting move after all because WWE’s whole deal is the “WWE Universe” and now AEW is changing the universe.

This new copyright extends to a lot of areas as well so it looks like AEW has it locked down. In the documentation Ringside News has been able to attain the following usages are expressed:

“Downloadable ring tones, graphics and music via a global computer network and wireless devices; video and computer game tapes, video and computer game discs, video and computer game cassettes, video and computer game cartridges, video and computer game cd-roms, video output game machines for use with televisions; video and computer game software; cinematographic and television films featuring sports, entertainment and subjects of general human interest; pre-recorded phonograph records, pre-recorded compact discs, pre-recorded video tapes, pre-recorded video cassette tapes, pre-recorded dvds and pre-recorded audio cassettes, all featuring sports, entertainment and subjects of general human interest; interactive video game programs and computer game cartridges; decorative refrigerator magnets; coin-fed amusement gaming machines; mouse pads; disposable cameras; sunglasses; sunglass cases; prescription glasses; and optical cases, namely, cases for spectacles and sunglasses; walkie talkies, protective helmets; sports helmets”

Seeing how big of a fan Cody Rhodes is of video games, any mention of video games in an AEW article has got to be exciting. However, the company is a long way from that. Regardless, All Elite Wrestling is still planning something big and their moves are getting even more interesting.

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