WWE SmackDown Live Results – January 22nd, 2019

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This is a live result so please keep checking back and refreshing for constant updates!

It is time for the go-home show of SmackDown Live before the WWE Universe heads to Phoenix for the Royal Rumble. The blue brand has plenty of exciting matches and moments to wrap up before Sunday.

Rey Mysterio lost twice to Andrade, but Mr. 6-1-9 will have a chance to get both of his wins back as he faces the former Cien Almas this week in a two-out-of-three falls match. Those two stole the show last week and hopefully, they will be able to deliver. This ironically is most likely happening because Andrade was unhappy in WWE. He was also telling some of his famous friends not to give WWE a chance.

Mandy Rose and Naomi will battle and their feud has really become interesting. Their hotel room segment last week went viral and you never know what they might have planned this time.

The Miz is taking on Cesaro this week. The A-Lister along with Shane McMahon will attempt to capture the SmackDown Tag Team Titles in Phoenix. So we’ll get to see a little Royal Rumble preview.

Samoa Joe didn’t give much of a chance to Mustafa Ali last week on SmackDown Live. He pummeled the newcomer from 205 Live all around the ring after jumping him during Ali’s entrance. So Mustafa Ali vs Samoa Joe is finally happening this time around.

The biggest attraction of the show very well could be Vince McMahon moderating a face-to-face between AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan. These two are set to battle at the Royal Rumble for the WWE Championship. We will have to see what happens there.

So that’s the show and it should be a good one. Check back at 8:00 PM EST when all the action officially begins. Until then, please enjoy last week’s hotel room brawl.

Opening Segment

Becky Lynch came out and The Man came out to a pretty decent pop. It’s a good thing she’s keeping those without the title. There were loud “Becky” chants and she said it’s good to be back in town.

She had something to say. People weren’t paying attention to her previously, but now everyone is paying attention to her. She said the only thing The Man should be doing is main eventing WrestleMania. This got “Becky” chants too.

She said that journey starts in five days at the Royal Rumble. Lynch said she’s watched Asuka steamroll NXT and is one of the best in the world, but Becky is better. This got a light cheer.

Asuka has shown Lynch everything she is as a woman and everyone is warming themselves under a fire The Man lit. Then Asuka came out to a much smaller reaction.

Asuka got in the ring and held up her title while she yelled in Japanese without a microphone. Nobody could hear it because the “Becky” chants were too loud. Then Charlotte Flair came out.

Flair started talking about who she’s defeated and how much she loves Ken her Kendo stick. She reminded Asuka that she broke her undefeated streak and then she turned her attention to Lynch. There were very loud “Becky” chants again.

Flair said she’s owned the division for the past four year and “I am the main events.” As Flair let go a “wooo,” Asuka attacked Becky Lynch from behind. The two rolled around and fought and they had to do a pull apart with WWE officials. Did you think we would get through a Royal Rumble without another pull apart?

Asuka broke free and got a good shot at Lynch as she threw her into the barricade and then Lynch tossed Asuka over the announce table. Then Lynch whipped Asuka with her leather jacket.

The Man posed on the announce table and did a little dive off of the table onto Asuka and that seemed to win the exchange. Then Becky walked off looking mean while the crowd cheered.

When we came back from commercial, Asuka and Lynch were still brawling on the ground but at least they made it backstage. Then we went back to the announce table to continue the show.

Mandy Rose vs Naomi

Naomi went after Rose on the ramp and brawled a bit before they got in the ring and the referee started the match. The Glow held Mandy and slapped her repeatedly before landing a backhand.

Mandy rolled outside of the ring so Sonya could check on her and then we went to commercial.

During the break, Mandy laid some boots in the corner on Naomi and then The Glow landed a basement clothesline and a leg drop for a two count before applying an arm submission on Rose.

Mandy ended up turning things around as she mounted Naomi and landed some punches. Then she got a headlock as we came back from commercial.

They continued wrestling as Mandy choked Naomi out with her knee. Then she continued pummeling Naomi as Corey Graves said Mandy is his pick to win the Royal Rumble match.

Naomi came back with a rana and then she got lifted onto the apron and Sonya Deville distracted Naomi as Rose ran Naomi into the post. Then she quickly pinned her and won.

Winner: Mandy Rose

Jimmy Uso came down and had to console his wife as Mandy left.

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