Sasha Banks Goes On Profanity-Filled Rant Against Ronda Rousey

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Ronda Rousey suffered her first loss in WWE on RAW last night. WWE might not like call it her first loss, but it happened. She was on the losing team as Natalya tapped out to a Banks Statement applied by The Boss and then The Boss n Hug Connection celebrated.

Sasha Banks let loose on Instagram in a very long and angry message against Rousey that ended with her saying: “You got a little success and decided to disrespect me… Time to show you who the king of the jungle really is.” However, it is what she said beforehand that is really quite eyebrow raising.

“Here’s something you might already know about me @rondarousey … I don’t give a shit who’s saying ‘vile’ things about me. Truth is those are the same people who pump you up not because they like you, but because of who you are, and what you can do for them. At the end of the day I do what I do for the betterment of women’s wrestling. And if that means calling people out on their shady bullshit, or doing nothing for weeks on end because I choose to work hard on my craft instead of kissing ass in dark corners, then so be it. You see those women’s tag titles? That’s what my desire has brought to this division. You think I played you when in reality, I’ve been the same exact person this whole time. I respect, respect. Respect for those who share the ring with you, respect for this thing we call professional wrestling, and respect for the ones who go out of the way, when the cameras are not on, to do everything they can to make things better for every women in that locker room. You got a little success and decided to disrespect me… Time to show you who the king of the jungle really is!!! #RoyalRumble #legitboss #Allin

This Royal Rumble match might get a bit personal. We will have to wait and see how everything turns out, but you have to wonder if there is some element of shoot in this worked angle between Ronda Rousey and Sasha Banks.

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