WWE Didn’t Want To Do Finn Balor’s LGBTQ WrestleMania Entrance

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Finn Balor is the leader of the Balor Club and the Balor Club is for everyone. He has made that quite clear and has championed for the LGBTQ community quite often in the process. Balor’s WrestleMania entrance surrounded by members of the New Orleans LGBTQ community was a pretty cool visual, but WWE apparently didn’t want to do it.

As he spoke to Inside The Ropes, Balor explained that he had to go back to WWE several times because they finally let him do it.

“That was something I honestly believed in for a very long time and I had pitched, and pitched, and pitched to a lot of different departments in WWE and it had been shot down, and shot down, and shot down, and it wasn’t until Stephanie [McMahon] got wind of the idea that it all started to fall in to place. It’s easier for a message to come down the line of command than it is to go up the line of command.”

Finn Balor’s entrance might have meant a lot to his character and the WWE Universe, but Darren Young spoke out saying how much it hurt him that he never got to do something like that. Either way, it was still a very special moment for a lot of people.

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