Gail Kim Doesn’t Blame Sasha Banks For Wanting To Leave WWE

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Gail Kim spent her time in WWE, but it doesn’t seem like she’s interested in going back in the slightest. She recently let go on Twitter with some pretty heavy words in regards to WWE’s practice of signing up as much talent as possible. Then she commented on one of the most popular rumors about an unhappy Superstar.

Kim said that WWE seems to “buy up all the talent out there” and that she feels the talent loses out in the end.

One fan brought up the rumors that Sasha Banks could be unhappy with the company and hinting that she wants to leave. Kim responded to hearing about these rumors by saying that she doesn’t blame Banks because she is a star. Then she shared a story of her own to give a clearer picture of what might be going on.

“They just seem to wanna buy up all the talent out there. I just believe talent loses out on that end.”

“Why would they lose Sasha?”

“Don’t blame her one bit. She’s a star.”

“It’s possible. They didn’t even let me quit when I just wanted out. I only had 7 weeks left on my contract. I didn’t see the logic in it. They never treated me as a valuable talent so why not just set me free? That’s where I felt like they have control issues.”

Kim said she is happy with her career and how everything turned out. She is currently a producer in Impact Wrestling and still appearing on-screen in storylines with Tessa Blanchard and others.

Her days in the ring might be done, but the Impact Hall Of Famer is still in great shape and she still obviously knows a thing or two about the pro wrestling business.

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