Elias Takes Another Big Shot At John Cena

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John Cena is on a lot of people’s dream match list. Elias has scrapped with Cena before, but he apparently isn’t done. Elias recently called Cena a “thorn in his side,” meaning this feud might not be over.

Elias is now a babyface so it’s interesting that he’s taking shots at John Cena. Still, when Elias saw a Cena-centered video that WWE posted on social media he couldn’t keep his thoughts to himself.

“John needs to learn the universal truth..

He’s destroyed my Christmas, Rumble, Wrestlemania, China, Australia, and countless other moments..

2 generational talents..


Never Give Up v Walk With Elias

Choose your side. 

My moment is coming.. “

Elias makes some good points about Cena, but you can’t help but wonder if he’s sending this message out himself or at the encouragement of WWE. If WWE is setting up Elias vs John Cena you can only wonder where their destination might be.

John Cena’s current WrestleMania match with Lars Sullivan is apparently up in the air. So it could be anyone’s guess who WWE might choose as a backup in case they change their mind on Sullivan. Either way, The Drifter can obviously see John Cena.

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