Shawn Michaels Says He Doesn’t Want To Wrestle Again

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Shawn Michaels’ return to a WWE ring at WWE Crown Jewel was a long time coming. WWE had tried to snag HBK for a return match before, but it didn’t work. Then Saudi Arabia and a huge paycheck changed his mind.

The deal with KSA and WWE is a very special one too. It will see WWE affiliated with the controversial nation for the next decade. Shawn Michaels recently spoke to Sky Sports about WWE Crown Jewel. He said it was a “special thing” and at this point, he doesn’t plan on wrestling again.

“They forced me. No, it was a really special thing, and I really felt that one for a while. I’m good with what I’ve done.”

“I no longer want to do it any more.”

If WWE is able to convince Shawn Michaels to do another match, then we’re certainly going to pay attention. He has a couple of rumored WrestleMania matches already. We will just see if something materializes or if WWE Crown Jewel really was a one and done thing for HBK.

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