Renee Young has a lot of pressure to stay alert and look good on WWE television. However, some things she just does for herself. Botox injections might be a bit extreme for some, but Renee Young doesn’t have a problem with it.

On Regular Girls, the RAW announcer discussed her experience with botox. It seems that she’s all for it and hasn’t looked back since getting it done, however, there was one scary experience she wanted to share.

“I’ve never looked back, never, except for the one time that the guy did it underneath my eyes and that freaked me out. I thought that I was going blind, but in fact, my eyes just wouldn’t fully shut because they were botoxed open.”

“It was truly not a good experience, but here I am and I overcame it and it’s gone. I’m fine.”

Botox can be a pretty scary thing if mishandled. You can really mess your face up in a lot of ways. Thankfully, Renee Young was able to get through her bad botox experience. Even in cases where people get multiple procedures done, Young is quite supportive.

“Who cares, if that’s what you want then you can have it and if you don’t then you know what? Live your own life in your own face in your own skin.”

It’s still good to never take it too far and always be safe. After all, you don’t want to end up as a subject on Botched.

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