NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool Results – January 12, 2019

Jazzy Gabert and Kay Lee Ray, former Mae Young Classic participants, are shown in the front row.

The theme songs for tonight’s show are ‘Doomsday’ by Architects, and ‘Fight Fire With Fire’, by The Prodigy.

WWE NXT UK Women’s Championship Match
(C) Rhea Ripley Vs. Toni Storm

The fans are singing for Toni Storm as we get ring introductions for both women. The bell rings and neither woman moves. Finally, Ripley charges but Storm avoids her kick and unleashes a flurry of punches. Ripley shoves her off and tosses her up for a flapjack.

Ripley rolls from the ring and Storm chases after. The Champion slides into the ring and right back out the other side. Storm slides in and hits a suicide dive to Rhea! Storm chops Rhea against the barricade, before sending her back inside. As Storm is getting in though, Ripley grabs her hair and pulls it over the ropes as the referee counts to five. Ripley then kicks Storm in the back, sending her crashing into the barricade – just like what happened in their first match, where Ripley injured Storm’s back.

Ripley gets Storm back in the ring and kicks her down in the corner. Ripley wraps her legs around Storms and tries to squeeze the life out. Toni manages to turn around and land some forearms to the Champion. Rhea quickly regains the momentum though as she punches Storm and hits a nice stalling suplex. Ripley lifts Storm and hits a body slam, followed by another, aiming to hurt the back, and scores a two count.

Ripley is kicked from behind and knocked shoulder-first into the ring post. Storm runs for a hip attack but Ripley avoids it and knocks Storm down with a dropkick. Ripley lands two leg drops for a two count, and Rhea is getting frustrated. Ripley tosses Storm across the ring with a biel, then another. Ripley comes running off of the ropes but Storm hits her with a nasty headbutt and both women go down.

They get to their feet and trade punches to the cheers and boos of the UK fans. They trade shots until they tire, then they find a second wind and go again as the fans cheer loudly. Storm grabs Ripley and hits a snap German suplex, holds on, and lands a second! Storm looks for Storm Zero but Ripley reverses. Rhea looks for Riptide but Storm switched her hips and landed on Rhea with a crossbody of sorts for a near-fall. Storm gets the Champion up and looks for Storm Zero again but this time Ripley flips her over. They trade pinfall attempts until Rhea grabs Storm and applies the inverted Texas Cloverleaf!

Storm rolls through and manages to apply an ankle lock to Ripley, who reaches the bottom rope! Ripley tries to regroup in the corner but Storm connects with a hip attack, followed by a German suplex with a bridge pin for a near-fall. Storm cries like a child and slaps the back of Rhea’s head – not sure how that’s a babyface thing to do – but Rhea knocks her away. Ripley lands the Riptide but Storm kicks out!

Ripley lifts Storm and hits two short-armed clotheslines that knock her loopy. She looks for a third but Storm reverses and hits Storm Zero… but Ripley kicks out! The fans give them an ovation, but they don’t seem as into this one as they have been the other matches. Ripley punches Storm and looks for the Riptide again but Storm lands behind her, pulls her hair, then hits Storm Zero for a second time…. and that’s all she wrote!

Winner and New NXT UK Women’s Champion: Toni Storm

We see replays after the fact, while Toni Storm celebrates her huge win. That was a really good match and Rhea Ripley is phenomenal. The fans chant “You Deserve It!” at Storm, and we see Ripley sitting on the ramp, crying.