NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool Results – January 12, 2019

Now it’s time for tonight’s bad blood match! The giant fella Dave Mastiff recently ended the unbeaten streak of Eddie Dennis, and the latter has been angry ever since. Tonight they brawl with no rules!

No Disqualification Match

Dave Mastiff Vs. Eddie Dennis

The bell rings and the two foes run at each other and unleash blows. Dennis connects with a knee to the gut, but Mastiff responds with a crossbody. Dennis rolls to the outside and Mastiff follows.

Mastiff sends Dennis into the steel steps. Mastiff sends him back into the ring, before pulling apart the steel steps and tossing the bottom half inside the ring. Dennis slides out of the ring and, as Mastiff leans through the ropes to grab him, cracks Dave with a Kendo stick! Dennis then pulls up the protective padding around the ring but before he can do anything he heads back into the ring and whacks Mastiff with the Kendo stick again.

Dennis chokes Mastiff with the Kendo stick and mocks him. He swings for a headshot but Mastiff grabs it and headbutts Dennis! Mastiff then cracks Dennis with the stick a few times, before landing a nice powerbomb. Mastiff turns back to the steel steps and places them in the middle of the ring. He lifts Dennis onto his shoulders but the Welshman gets off. He shoves Mastiff to the ropes, where the big man looks for a crossbody but Dennis catches him! Dennis then lands a spin-out sideslam on the steel steps!

Dennis leaves the ring and grabs a steel chair, which he brings inside. He runs and swings but Mastiff ducks it. Mastiff lands a rolling fireman’s carry. Mastiff climbs the ropes but Dennis grabs him and hits a crucifix powerbomb for a near-fall! Dennis rolls from the ring, unsure of what to do next, but decides to bring a table into the ring. They fight onto the apron and Mastiff looks to powerbomb Dennis onto the exposed floor but the heel holds the ropes. Instead, Mastiff gets him on his shoulders and hits another rolling fireman’s carry! Followed by a splash on the exposed floorboards.

Mastiff gets Dennis in the ring and goes for a moonsault off the top rope, but Dennis rolls out of the way. Dennis hits the Neckstop Driver for a near fall! Dennis angrily hits him in the back with the chair and puts him on the middle rope. Dennis goes for a Crucifix Powerbomb through the table, but Mastiff gets out. Mastiff then lands a nasty German Suplex. Dennis is dazed and leaning on the table propped-up in the corner. Mastiff hits a running cannonball onto Dennis through the table in the corner! Mastiff pulls him out of the wreckage and pins him for the win.

Winner: Dave Mastiff

Mastiff celebrates his win and leaves up the ramp, while Dennis is still down and out.

We get a trailer for Fighting With My Family, the movie produced by The Rock about Paige’s family.