NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool Results – January 12, 2019

NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool opens with a look back to the United Kingdom Tournament. The video package chronicles the rise of the UK talent in WWE and the beginning of NXT UK.

We go live to the Empress Ballroom, where Nigel McGuinness and Vic Joseph welcome us to the show. Our first match is a big one!

NXT Tag Team Championship

Moustache Mountain Vs. Grizzled Young Veterans

The match begins with Tyler Bate and Zack Gibson for their respective teams. The fans are signing and dancing like crazy already.

Gibson and Bate lock-up and the former takes the babyface down with a wristlock. Bate kips-up but gets slammed back down and held there. Bate gets to his feet and performs a headscissors takedown and holds Gibson between his manly thighs. Bate keeps the move applied as the fans sing, holding one shoe in the air.

Gibson reverses the pressure on Bate and holds him via the wrists, until Bate performs an impressive bridge to free himself. We get a staredown from both men. They lock-up again and Gibson forces Bate to the corner, where James Drake tags himself in. They make a move for Bate but he slides out of the ring, takes a moment before getting back inside, then tags in his partner Trent Seven.

Seven and Drake lock-up, with Seven taking charge and unleashing a stiff chop. Seven places Drake on his shoulders and tags Bate. Seven slams Drake, then Bate flips off the top rope, over Seven, with a tope to Drake. Bate whips Drake to the ropes but he gets pulled outside by his partner Gibson. The heels take a moment to regroup.

Back inside, Gibson and Bate resume their foray, with Bate slipping through his legs and performing a roll-up to no avail. Drake tags Gibson, but Bate knocks Drake from the ring and hits a Frankensteiner to Gibson. Trent Seven tags back in and goes to work on Gibson. He hits a nice crossbody for a two count. Trent gets Gibson on his shoulders but a rake of the eyes allows the heel to climb off and make the tag to Drake. Seven isn’t fazed though, as he unleashed hellacious chops to the chest of both Drake and Gibson. Drake is caught with a high hip toss, then makes the tag to Gibson. Seven knocks Gibson from the apron and Drake from the ring, then hits a suicide dive to Drake.

On the outside of the ring, Zack Gibson catches Seven with a nasty throat chop. They get Seven back in the ring and start isolating him from Bate. Drake hits a backbreaker for a two count, before applying a submission to ground him. Seven looks to make the tag but he’s tossed from the ring, then Drake and Gibson perform a double team move on the outside, with Gibson the legal man again.

Drake and Gibson keep Seven isolated from Bate with quick tags and keeping him grounded. Finally, Seven leaves the ring, but he’s chased by Drake. Seven chops Drake on the oustide and gets back in to try and make the tag but again he’s chopped down. Seven appears to have been busted open on his crown. He jumps but is caught by Gibson in mid-air, but it doesn’t matter because he manages to tag Bate anyway!

The crowd pop loud as Bate storms the ring and punches away on Gibson. Drake grabs Bate, but Bate takes him down with a back body drop. Bate knees Gibson in the face and hits a flying back elbow off the second rope. Bate gets Drake on his shoulders for an airplane spin, hitting Gibson in the face with Drake’s legs as he spins. Bate then puts Drake on top of Gibson and lifts them both up for an airplane spin! The crowd is loving this.

After he drops them, Gibson rolls out of the ring, and they stumble dizzy to the apron. Bate and Drake fight on the apron until Bate hits him with an exploder suplex off the apron onto Gibson! Bate then hits a standing shooting star press off the apron to the floor onto Gibson and Drake!

Bate gets Gibson back in the ring and looks for the Tyler Driver 97, but Gibson gets out. Seven tags in, and he hits Gibson with a Running Powerslam – much like their outfits tonight, that was in honour of The British Bulldog. Bate hits Drake with a suicide dive. Meanwhile in the ring, Seven hits Gibson with a reverse death valley driver, but Drake breaks it up. Drake and Bate tag in and exchange pin attempts. Bate hits a rolling kick to the head. Seven tags in, and Gibson attacks Bate. Drake hits Seven with a running dropkick. Gibson hits Seven with Helter Skelter, and Drake follows up with a 450 splash… but Seven kicks out! The crowd is going wild now!

Seven tries fights off Drake and Gibson, but Drake comes back with a step-up enzuigiri. Gibson applies Shankly Gates – which is the name of the gates outside of Liverpool FC’s stadium FYI. Drake stops Bate from breaking it up and applies Shankly Gates to him! Both men are down in the middle of the ring and Seven is very close to submitting, but Bate powers up and hits Drake with a death valley driver onto Gibson! All four men are down while the crowd chants, “UK.”

Bate and Drake are legally tagged in. Bate unloads on Drake with punches before hitting Gibson with a big uppercut. Bate then hits Drake and Gibson with a double rolling kick. Seven tags in, and his arm looks limp. Moustache Mountain hits a clothesline/dragon suplex on Drake, but he kicks out! Gibson grabs Bate’s feet and gets him in electric chair position at ringside. Drake then hits a suicide dive on Bate, who is still on Gibson’s shoulders! “Holy $hit!” from the fans. Seven tries for a suicide dive, but they stop him. Drake and Gibson hit the Ticket To Mayhem for the win!

Winners and New NXT UK Tag Team Champions: Grizzly Young Veterans

Wow! I don’t think too many people saw that coming! Drake and Gibson are your first ever NXT UK Tag Team Champions!